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How to Engage Clients on Social Media

Written by   Josh McCarter, CEO of Booker.com

Today, spas are utilizing social media channels to help bring in new clientele and keep already-existing clients. Use these business-growing platforms to find new clients and promote new products and services, because many current and potential clients are constantly searching online to learn about the services a spa provides and the products it sells.

The ways clients are interacting with a spa are changing. Sixty-seven percent of clients now say they interact with brands on social media to ask questions about their services.1 In many ways, this can be easier, and more convenient, for clients, as they can go on with their lives while also gleaning information about a spa’s services and products at the same time.

Of course, social media is not just a benefit for clients. A study by Bain indicated that clients who engage with a brand over social media will spend an average of 40 percent more over their lifetime.2
Social media is in a strange place right now because most companies are using the same account for brand marketing, promotions, and customer service.
However, there are some strategies to help engage with clients without sacrificing the marketing value offered by social media.

Take a look at all of the company’s active social media accounts and determine which one has the most followers. Does the spa have a well-followed Facebook account? Great – begin offering customer service on the company page.
Maybe prospective clients are looking up the spa on Instagram – make sure someone is checking the spa’s Instagram inbox on a regular basis to ensure responses are being sent to anyone who is trying to learn more about the spa.

A major part of providing effective customer service over social media is responding quickly to customer complaints. According to Jay Baer, around 42 percent of clients who complain on social media expect a response time of less than an hour.3
As brands improve and clients begin to see social media as a real-time option for effective customer service, the spa can expect that number to decrease quickly over the coming years.
Another hot topic of discussion? The fact that clients do not need customer service just during regular business hours. According to the same research quoted above, a whopping 57 percent expect the same response time at night and on weekends as during normal business hours.3
How can the spa ensure it is keeping up with the inquiries coming in through social? It takes an investment of time, effort, and cash to get this stuff right. Here is a quick tip: make sure notifications are enabled on a smartphone or tablet to help stay on the ball.

Keep inquisitive clients happy so they maintain their love and respect for the spa. Obviously, spa owners want to be helpful, friendly, and leave clients with an outstanding impression of the company. One great way to help keep them coming back is to personalize the conversation. For instance, simply marking the end of each message with a professional’s name (“How can I help you? -Katie”), accomplishes a few different things.
First, it personalizes the interaction. The client is no longer speaking with some faceless entity. They are speaking to a real human being. This can help to defuse some of their frustration, once they realize that Katie really does want to do her best to help.
Second, this personalization allows the professional (Katie) to infuse her own personality into the mix. It creates a more enjoyable experience for the client and the employee and helps to hone the brand’s identity.
By following these three strategies, any spa can be on its way to effectively engaging with clients on social media, providing more efficient customer service and picking up new clients along the way.


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Josh McCarter co-founded Booker in 2010 and has served as the company’s CEO since its inception. McCarter is focused on expanding Booker’s reach through partnerships and client relationships while creating a culture of innovation and excellence in Booker’s offices around the world. He earned a bachelor of arts degree in political science-international relations as a Cum Laude graduate at the University of California, Los Angeles and his master of business administration at the University of Southern California. McCarter currently serves on the board of SpaFinder.

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