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Influential Aesthetics: Cultural Intelligence for Today’s Global Clientele

Written by   C. R. Cooper

Imagine you are not a skin professional for one moment. You walk into a spa and the reception or team welcomes you with a warm smile and skin-friendly beverage. However, once they sit you down in the beautiful consultation space, they explain to you that they cannot provide you with the service you require because they either do not have the skilled staff, appropriate technology, or know how to care for your specific skin needs. To add more insult to injury, they reveal to you, the reason that underpins all those factors is your culture. And if that response was not appalling enough, they continue to tell you that they do not agree with your current practices and beliefs about your own skin, so simply put, their care does not align with what you are requesting. In other words, “We appreciate you, but we cannot or will not serve you. Sorry and goodbye.”

This may be an unorthodox example, but the reality is that some version of this is happening throughout the aesthetics arena. Perhaps not as explicitly as the example, but it has been occurring implicitly for years. It can be traced to skin health modality and equipment creation through to the practices of skin professionals at various clinics and spas. The marring impacts on standards of excellence is what takes the blow.

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C.R. Cooper is a connective, knowledgeable, and compassionate educator who has been a skin enthusiast for over 24 years. As the education manager and master educator for a renowned global institute of learning in the skin health industry, Cooper values organizational and individual industry standards, professional and personal brand integrity, but most importantly the inherent worth in every skin professional.

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