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Hiring Checklist: Selecting the Right Candidate

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Most resumes or applications received will not fit the job description that is posted. It is up to the practitioner to decide whether to reply to these applications. An example of a generic reply is, “Unfortunately your application does not fit this type of job.” It is up to the employer to weed out the best candidates that should be brought in for an interview.


It is important to pay attention to how people respond to the job posting. If it is stated, “Please reply back with resume,” and no resume is received, the candidate will most likely be passed on. A job listing’s post will state that the spa is looking for someone with X amount of experience. If someone applies with less than the amount requested, I respond back to them and explain that they do not have the experience necessary for the position. Responses should be kept short, sweet, and to the point.

Always make sure anyone hired has completed the number of hours required by the state and has passed all their exams. Do not hire someone who never went to school or is looking to train as an assistant with no education.

Look for employees that have a team player type of attitude. Also look for candidates that have great customer service skills. Clients remember how they are treated, sometimes more than the service itself. Customer service can make or break a business.

Additionally, it is important to make sure both the employer and the candidate are on the same page concerning compensation. A spa owner is usually willing to pay more for someone who has a ton of experience. Equally, they would pay less for someone who is just starting out in this industry. This can cause tension in the employee-owner relationship, so it is critical to be very clear about the compensation is from the beginning.


When it comes to the interview there are a few things to keep in mind. Schedule a time that is best for the employer and the candidate. Do not limit time available because the spa may lose out on valuable employees. The first thing to take note of is whether the employee shows up on time. If they show up late to their interview, I will most likely not hire them. This can reflect their work schedule, and spa owners cannot have employees showing up late to fully booked days of clients. Also pay attention to presentation, such as personal appearance. This industry is based on appearance. If the candidate doesn’t care enough to impress a potential employer, they will not care about the spa’s clients. Clients always pay attention to employees’ appearance. Clients will also come to a spa because they like the style of work. If an employee looks a mess, the client will think that they are not able to help them better their appearance.

Let the candidates know that they will get a response back within a specific time frame. This is to avoid receiving calls asking if a decision has been made. I like to respond back to all candidates that came to the interview because I don’t believe it’s right to give someone false hope or leave them wondering.

A spa owner may want to bring in the top candidates to do a second interview in certain circumstances. For example, if an experienced eyelash extension artist is needed, this may call for the candidate to apply eyelash extensions on a third-party individual. Do not hire someone and allow them to work on clients before their experience has been illustrated. They can hurt someone if they are not properly trained, and this can come back to hurt business. A skin care professional may want to offer training to employees. This is something to mention in the interview.

Always be smart and take the time when choosing new employees for a spa. They represent the spa owner at the end of the day. Look for someone who meets all the qualifications the position is looking for. An employer should choose someone who shows up to the interview on time and is presentable. The applicant needs to have a true passion for this business.



Nicole Serra



Nicole Serra is the owner of a laser spa in New York and a beauty boutique and skin spa in New Jersey. Aesthetics and beauty are her life. Serra graduated with a bachelor’s degree in finance and English. Writing is and has always been her second passion (second, of course, to beauty). She lovse talking anything beauty, makeup, or skin.

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