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Do You Need to Hire Additional Staff? Six Tips to Help You Answer That Question

Written by   Heather Kreider

Employees are essential for building a strong and resilient company — there are no ifs, ands, or buts about that. A spa’s team members collectively form the firm foundation upon which growth is possible. Without them and their knowledge, skills, and talents, it’s impossible to survive, let alone thrive. The people and teams behind the scenes and on the front line, are all an integral part of day-to-day business operations. Because a spa relies on its team, it’s imperative to hire the right individuals with the right qualifications for the right positions at the right time.

The following should be considered when building a team. One thing I have learned throughout my years as a business owner is that metrics are king. Analyzing various aspects of a company’s performance and operations, such as workflow, sales projections, and cash flow are pivotal when hiring a new employee. Impulse hiring can create financial issues for a spa. If a spa cannot afford to keep the new hire, it negatively affects the team’s morale.


Here are some suggestions to help assess if it is the right time to hire a new employee. 

What Are The Current Business Needs?

Take a close look at the spa’s workflow and services output. How many services are provided? Per day? Per week? Per month? Throughout the entire year?

Once that information is established, it can be taken a step further by breaking down the data into categories, such as massage therapy, facials, body treatments, manicures, and pedicures.

With this data, the services per treatment or per station can be worked out to determine a services-to-technician ratio.

Also, a practitioner should research if their spa frequently receives requests for appointments but cannot accept them because there are not enough employees or available treatment rooms. On the other hand, perhaps treatment rooms sit idle because they are not getting enough appointment requests to fill them.

What Are Your Future Plans and Expectations?

If a spa owner is considering expanding their spa’s facility or offerings in the future, one must ask oneself:

  • Will there be a new treatment room with no existing staff available to fulfill the anticipated appointment needs?
  • Will the spa offer a new service that requires employee technical training and additional supplies?
  • Is there any major equipment that’s outdated or in poor condition that require money to repair or replace?

This all leads to the bottom line – the budget.

Is Cash Available to Sustain A New Hire?

A spa owner will want to confirm they have enough cash to hire a new employee before bringing them onto the team.

  • How much will they pay them in salary and wages?
  • Will they receive a commission?
  • If employee benefits are provided, what costs are associated with benefits for a new hire?

What Is the State of a Practitioner’s Existing Workforce?

Before hiring new employees, it’s critical to look at what’s happening with the existing team. 

  • Are current employees satisfied with their jobs?
  • Is anyone close to retirement?
  • Is there a bad apple in the bunch that requires disciplinary action or possibly termination?
  • Are there systems in place to ensure workplace efficiencies?
  • Do employees have an abundant amount of downtime throughout the workday?
  • Is everyone on the current team in a position in which they can thrive and develop professionally?

Thinking about these factors will help a spa owner identify whether existing employees might be able to handle the workload of a new employee or if a new team member is truly needed.

What Are the Clients Saying?

Client feedback is as crucial as metrics when evaluating the need for new staff. Learning what clients think about their experience will help determine if changes are needed.

For example, if clients complain about feeling rushed, perhaps spa employees are spread too thin and could benefit from additional support through a new team member.

What Are Employees Saying?

Employee feedback can help assess if a new team member is needed. Usually, employees are the face of a business and often the first to bear the brunt of client frustrations because of staffing deficits (either quantitatively or qualitatively). Lean about existing team members for insight by ensuring that their feedback is welcome and won’t result in any form of retaliation. Here are a few things to consider: 

  • Do employees see breakdowns in the workflow needing to be addressed?
  • Are employees required to fill-in in areas of need where they are not technically knowledgeable or efficient?
  • Are employees interested in being cross-trained to help in other areas when needed?
  • Do employees have the necessary skillsets and foundational knowledge to be cross-trained in those areas?


I encourage spa owners to use these tips as a starting point for determining if new staff is needed. However, new hires are just the tip of the iceberg. Every spa has its own unique operations and team dynamics. Consider your specific situation and the nuances of your business to make hiring decisions.



Heather Kreider 2019



Heather Kreider, L.E., R.N., co-owner of Makes Scents Natural Spa Line and Hempfield Botanicals (CBD), both Certified B Corporations, has lived and breathed the spa industry for over 20 years. Her credentials include post-graduate certification in advanced skin care at the International Dermal Institute and experience as an aesthetician specializing in European skin care. Kreider also is a licensed registered nurse. Besides her company’s signature line of products, Kreider’s company also creates custom formulations for spas who wish to offer their own distinctive treatments. All their products, including natural, vegan, and organic, are certified cruelty-free.




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