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Transform and Grow Through the COVID-19 Crisis

Written by   Lydia Sarfati

There is no doubt that this is an unprecedented time of difficulty, stress, and anxiety for everyone.  Everyone is in the same boat when it comes to combatting COVID-19, as well as facing the economic impact of sheltering at home. The effects of this stress may be more today than any other time.


I started my skin care and wellness business in 1977 during the recession in New York City, at a time no one was opening a business, let alone a  spa. It was a time of political upheaval, economic crisis, and enormous social disruption. Against the odds, I created a successful business by opening a real oasis based on helping the client in the treatments room, as well as at home. This idea of creating a wellness program both at the spa and at home is still the cornerstone of a proper aesthetics practice, and one that all aestheticians should use to create a new business model starting now.


By implementing new initiatives, a skin care professional can see real, positive results during this crisis.



In this time of isolation, the most important thing is to not lose contact with the client. If a skin care professional is there for them, virtually, they will remember when the craziness of COVID-19 is over. Virtual consultations are easy to implement and are actually a natural progression of complementing the brick and mortar business by expanding in the virtual space.


It is so easy to reach out and consult with clients on various platforms. Engage the client in virtual consultation through FaceTime or Zoom and then recommend their proper products and course of action. This can include a skin analysis, a tutorial on how to properly use skin care and devices, and a full product recommendation – all within 10 to 15 minutes.



There is also an increase in skin sensitivity reactions due to stress right now. Some of the suggested at-home protocols can vary.


Consider a relaxing anti-stress sheet mask, which can be done anytime, anywhere, and will provides soothing, calming, and hydrating ingredients. Masks to suggest to clients can include ingredients such as nutrient-rich seaweed, and ingredients that calm the appearance of redness and irritation, such as silver, quercetin, and rutin.


At-home sheet masks can be complemented with the use of a facial massage tool. Once the client receives their tools, demonstrate how to use them through another virtual call.


Skin care professionals can also instruct on how to do a self-massage using tools paired with an oil or serum. Tutorials or instruction can be given on how to use other handheld devices to complement the client’s skin care program as needed.


Aestheticians can also teach body treatments that are appropriate to do at home. This is so important now as many clients may be sitting for long periods of time. Show different protocols and techniques, such as using a dry brush massage in the morning and evening to exfoliate and stimulate the surface layers while it gets the circulation going. This can be followed with a bath or self-massage with relaxing and hydrating oils that contain a high level of hydrating ingredients, such as seaweed, mastic oil, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, as well as botanical oils such as mafura oil.



If a skin care professional does not have the ability to engage in shipping and e-commerce, it is possible that their skin care manufacturer has something in place to help during this crisis – such as the new Repêchage Partner Program. Professionals can help their clients while earning a commission for each successful sale they refer. Programs such as this will not only allow skin care professionals to stay in contact with their client, but will maintain, if not grow, their business.



Worrying about the health and economic crisis can take its toll on everyone, not just the clients. It is essential that aestheticians, as professional caregivers, take care of themselves. Be sure to engage in self-care and wellness practices to maintain physical and mental health during these challenging times. Stress and anxiety can lead to a diminished immune system. Exercise, relaxation, self-care, and a proper diet should be a number one priority now for  all. It is also important to stay in the high spirits. Listen to music, read, cook, and try to get out in nature. Most of all, it is important during this time of isolation and recovery for everyone to not feel alone. Aestheticians are in a unique position to reach out to their clients, not only to sell products or services, but to accompany them through life changes. Likewise, companies need to accompany their business partners not only for products or services, but to help in transformation and growth.



This is a time of great stress and anxiety, but it is also an opportunity for transformation and growth. Let us work together to emerge from this crisis stronger, wiser, more beautiful, and more successful than ever. It is  a privilege to do so.

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