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S.A.D. and the Spa

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This time of year, with the longer, darker days and cooler temperatures of fall and winter, true emotional and physiological changes occur within the body and mind. It takes more energy to get up and go when the body wants to stay in and rest. Seasonally apparent, these moods feel like a case of the blues, indecision, apathy, fatigue, and irritability. Aptly referred to as seasonal affective disorder, or S.A.D., it can be visibly diagnosed with unexplainable weight gain (overeating at times not realized by the person) and can be emotionally perceived with a noticeable heightened anxiety. It is generally noticed through an overarching sense of fatigue or drag. Mood disorders such as S.A.D. present as chronic concerns to those afflicted, where it may feel like the activities of daily living are overwhelming. Thankfully, today, hope is often as close as a nearest spa, beauty clinic, or massage therapist.


Taking into consideration the international theme of spa as a lifestyle today, and not simply a luxury or only for external beauty, treatments for S.A.D. can be as easy as a phone call away. Spa offerings may incorporate beneficial technologies for mood disorders, such as LED light therapy, the taking in of healing waters, nutrition focused sessions and experiences, chi focused body work, meditations, touch and sensory care by an aromatherapy and flower essence practitioner, and flow focused European facial treatments. Sometimes, most significantly, spas represent a safe accessible place to get away from the daily mundane or the home or workplace, where individuals can find support and solace in a place to call their own.


Spa online booking allows for ease of creating that safe space while keeping the sometimes cherished anonymity desired to combat feelings that accompany S.A.D. For these clients, lifting that metaphorical thousand pound phone receiver to ask for help can be difficult. Online booking allows these clients to select services that speak to them during the tougher winter months at their leisure and at a time that works for them.


Spa allows for interaction with a support group focused on wellness and, often, with a holistic perspective on life, flow, and the seasons. Clients with S.A.D. can often rely on their skin care professionals for a listening ear and referrals they may be able to give. Stress felt during these seasons by clients may manifest itself in unpredictable skin reactions, irritable gut and sensitivities nutritionally, and an overall greater curiosity about self-help and wellness options.


Being prepared as a spa professional with more resources to offer will help in caring for clients with grace and confidence. Pull out those business cards of people who have come across your table or storefront who may have used those precious words, “Let me know if there is ever a time I can be of help.” Reignite those relationships and take time to care for yourself while you take time to care for clients this fall and winter. Bring awareness of S.A.D. as a seasonal pattern to light, lift the shame off the disorder, offer confidence and insight to this common disorder, and, through your services, treatments, and care, brighten the hearts and minds of clients.

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