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Marvelous Micellar: Benefits of Using Micellar Water

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Cleansers and toners are found as effective, all-in-one products, and today’s ability to refine the efficacy of more advanced compositions validates their long-standing purpose to clean and balance skin. While the existence of cleansers and toners as a duo is possible due to the purity of this generation’s skin care formulations and the advanced technology in today’s manufacturing capabilities, a European favorite, micellar water, has only recently come to domestic shelves. Micellar water promises to continue to impress and establish its reputation as a beauty fluid for flawlessness, proving to be an ideal water compilation for cleansing, flushing, and refreshing skin of all types.


Micellar water, named as such due to the small particles in the water called micelles, is supremely gentle on the skin and ideal for replacing city water in skin care use when faced with hard water situations or on-the-go travel circumstances. Carry a cotton ball or cotton pad, douse the cotton with micellar water, and wipe on the luxurious, yet simple formula for clean, balanced, and nourished skin. Micellar water is easily accessible and equally simple to substitute into a skin care regimen as a homecare basic or a clinic room benefit, now that skin care aficionados worldwide have adopted its use. Micellar water cleans where water is hard to access or not available, while being favorable to use on reactive skin conditions and weaker skin types.


Visualize tiny sponges or reservoirs that capture the unnecessary and provide the beneficial. Hydrating for the skin, while having the ability to cleanse and purify, micellar water is multifunctional in its organic nature. The fluid accumulates residual dirt and makeup from the skin surface with its oil-loving, lipophilic nature, while dissolving and flushing the trapped particles away thanks to the water-loving, hydrophyllic second nature of the micelle particle. Micellar water leaves the skin clean and soft without a tacky residue, sometimes found in leave-on cleansing products. Micellar water can be comfortably incorporated into any skin care routine, as it is not contraindicative to medical or pharmaceutical-grade skin care regimens.


Micellar water is manufactured domestically and internationally by reputable companies and has been for quite some time. More recently, the formulations have become more advanced to not just clean without stripping and purify without irritating, but clients with drier, acneic, or weaker skin find the hydration of their skin to be improved overall. Vitamins, herbal extracts, and flower essences can be found in some of the favorite micellar waters around the world.


While free from irritating ingredients and user-friendly from tip-to-tip (tip of the forehead to tip of the toe), micellar water can be used twice a day in a homecare regimen as a fluid to activate powdered exfoliants and thin out too emollient moisturizers in the clinic room. Quickly becoming an aesthetic industry regular, micellar cleansing water is adaptable to skin on both ends of the spectrum, from weak to tough and dry. The product is effective, while soothing, and is easy to find online or in stores around the country.


Tami AssafA native San Diegan and UCLA alumna, Tami Chance Assaf gained experience from the medical laser industry and is currently an aesthetician for clinics in La Jolla, California and Palm Desert, California. She also consults for a variety of projects within the aesthetic industry. Assaf’s passion for continuing education and keeping a pulse on the latest in the skin care industry is reflected in her holistic approach to taking care of her clients’ skin from the inside out. As an aesthetician for RevivaMed La Jolla and an educator for CA Botana, Assaf shares her love for skin care techniques and the science behind getting great results with clients, friends, fellow skin care therapists, and students in the industry. Assaf resides in La Jolla, California with her daughter Kristine, son Kaden, husband Billy, and their border collie-lab Chloe.



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