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From the Inside Out: Hormones & Diet

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As we fight the aging process with new science and technology, there are some basic factors that are constantly overlooked. The old saying “you are what you eat” is still extremely relevant. Plus, hormones have major importance in the body, especially regarding appearance and physical and emotional health. 

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Nicole MajdaliSouthern California native Nicole Majdali has worked as a makeup artist since she was 18 years old. She then studied aesthetics and became a licensed aesthetician. After working in spas for a few years, she opened her own studio and began working as a representative for two German companies. Her passion for educating others on taking care of themselves, their skin, and their health advanced her career as a speaker. She was certified twice overseas in Aachen, Germany with Janssen Cosmetics and continues to go back for education. She has been working for Janssen and Dr. Schrammek in Midwest and Southern California as an educator and account manager for over 18 years. Majdali’s career has expanded beyond the aesthetics industry into the entertainment industry, but she incorporates her knowledge of wellness and beauty into both worlds. 

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