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Acne has long been held as a medical issue that requires a pill, a cream, or even a treatment to be the final answer to clear skin. Countless marketing dollars have been spent convincing acne sufferers that their condition could be easily eliminated with enough potent actives. After all, acne vulgaris affects up to 80% of the population at some point in their lives. Currently, practice trends are shifting with consumer interest and more people are interested with well-being programs versus quick fixes. Wellness is the long game when it comes to truly healthy skin, and healthy skin lessens the risk of problem skin conditions such as acne. Clients are expecting more than ever from their spa visits. Understanding how to align care and focus with a holistic acne approach will give a skin care professional an edge when it comes to clearing a client’s skin and keeping their long-term business. 

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Elizabeth BrasherElizabeth Brasher has been a licensed aesthetician since 2011 and practicing with a strive for advanced skin care education ever since. Brasher is an aesthetician at Premier Med Spa in Richardson, Texas. She continues to devote herself to helping her colleagues by offering expert training, heading online aesthetics forums, and writing contributions to industry magazines. At the beginning of 2020, Brasher became DERMASCOPE Magazine’s lead in-house aesthetician.  

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