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Investigative Aesthetics: Differentiating Skin Reactions

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Allergies are frequently referenced and occasionally misunderstood. Considering the differences between skin that is sensitized and an allergic condition is critical for successful treatments and client education both in and out of the treatment room. 

Considering allergies and the condition of skin is an important aspect of determining appropriate professional treatments, including whether they should be administered or postponed, as well as recommendations for homecare routines. Allergies should be requested on intake forms and referenced at the start of each appointment; however, there is still room for clarification. When it comes to client reactions and treatment selection, identifying whether skin is in fact sensitized – as opposed to sensitive – or a true allergic reaction is taking place is an important distinction. 

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Michelle RobertsonMichelle Robertson is a licensed aesthetician of over 10 years and owner of Glo Skin in Palm Harbor, Florida. She earned a Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology and brings over 15 years of industry experience to her career, along with her background in research and chemistry. After growing up with acne and a strong Italian unibrow, Michelle learned the importance of proper skin care and the need for real results. Her passion for continuing education, science, and the customer experience drive her to provide advanced, customized facials that combine relaxation and results. 

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