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Lymphatic Liberation: The Pathway to Better Health & Clear Skin

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Nature has beautiful rivers and streams flowing down the earth’s mountains into valleys that follow specific pathways lined with sand and river rocks that perform special functions of filtration. As the water moves through the natural purification system, debris is removed – the end product resulting in a stunning lake of clear water. This amazing process of detoxification also occurs inside the human body through the complex super-highway known as the lymphatic system, which controls microcirculation as it transports interstitial fluid in and around the body tissues eventually dumping it so that the waste can be disposed of.

The anatomy and physiology of the lymphatic system works within the body like a sewer system plant for a city. By taking in toxic waters, purifying them, and disposing of waste, it then produces a sparkling clean output. As clean fluids, blood, enzymes, and proteins are put back into circulation, it boosts the immune system and the cellular energy soars. The lymphatic system is similar to the front line special forces for the body that work to clear out invading enemies from the internal terrain, so the immune system can stabilize the ecosystem within and keep the balance process of homeostasis steadily moving forward to create optimal health.



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Alissa de Jongh, ND, is a board-certified naturopathic doctor, CIDESCO Diplomat, and founder of Glace’ Skin Therapy. She was recognized by the American Naturopathic Medical Association with the 2018 Higher Achievement Award. In 2014, she joined Houston Community College as a professor of facial aesthetics in the consumer arts and sciences department. She also teaches and prepares student aestheticians for careers in the medical and luxury spa industry. Dr. de Jongh, along with her husband Dr. David de Jongh, DDS have a private practice that promotes integrative wellness and dental spa concept in Houston, Texas. Together, they treat patients from a whole-body perspective, looking for the root cause of the issue. Starting with a dental exam and then moving into a naturopathic consultation which offers many options to create an individualized plan for optimal health, using lasers, along with her line of wellness products from Glace’ and other natural health modalities.

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