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Collagen Clarity

Written by   Tami Chance Assaf

Collagen is a significant protein that makes up 30% to 40% of all proteins in the human body. Naturally occurring exclusively in animals, it is vital for the overall integrity of the body. When looking at the integrity of skin health, it primes the conversation between the skin care professional and client to elevate the experience of overall life and the time they are living in.

 Times of crisis have come and gone throughout history and recognizing this ebb and flow during a lifetime and making peace with the process may give clients the confidence and connection they seek. Clients rely on professionals to re-embrace life; to move beyond the international commentary of pivoting and pseudo-thriving through the hours, days, weeks, months, and now years of 21st century pandemic times; and to help them come out with clarity. Skin care professionals are in a unique position for self-care and self-awareness. Having a fresh opportunity with each new season to revisit skin health from an internal and external perspective, one of their main roles is to coach clients through a lifetime of choices and changes, hopefully guiding them along a journey in which they land on the innate human ability to find contentment within and appreciate the external and their surroundings.

Realizing what little control one has over so many outcomes gives one the chance to recognize that now more than ever, humans have more control over slowing down aspects of the external appearance of aging and accessing relief from the aches and pains of internal signs of aging. Advances in antiaging are particularly noteworthy in the world of collagen studies. Collagen plays a significant role in both the external and internal health journey. Understanding how collagen production changes over the span of a person’s lifetime, how to boost it when the slowdown occurs, utilizing proper in-spa and homecare techniques and recommendations, and speaking about the benefits and drawbacks of collagen technology and consumption can bring clarity to the potential of collagen in the skin care realm.

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Tami AssafA native San Diegan and UCLA alumna, Tami Chance Assaf gained experience from the medical laser industry and is currently an aesthetician at clinics in La Jolla and Palm Desert, California. She is also a consultant for a variety of projects within the aesthetic industry. Assaf’s passion for continuing education and keeping a pulse on the latest in the skin care industry is reflected in her holistic approach to taking care of her client’s skin from the inside as well as outside. As an aesthetician for RevivaMed La Jolla and an educator for CA Botana, Assaf shares her love for skin care techniques and the science behind getting great results with her clients, friends, fellow skin care therapists, as well as students in the industry. Assaf resides in La Jolla, California with her daughter Kristine, son Kaden, husband Billy, and their border collie-lab Chloe.

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