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Dry Skin Treatment Protocol

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Dry skin is something everyone tends to experience, especially when outside forces, such as dry weather, indoor heating, and cold winters, play a role. When clients are experiencing dry skin, exfoliating treatments are key to bringing back their healthy, glowing skin! Dead Sea salt is especially beneficial for those who suffer from dry skin. Not only do the salt grains exfoliate the skin, but they also deliver a dose of beneficial minerals!



1. Prepare the aesthetic bed by laying down a double size blanket first, then a double size bed sheet and plastic sheet; finish with two large bath towels, one near the bottom of the bed and the other near the top of the bed. The large bath towel should always be the last layer, as it will be used to catch some of the salt scrub and allow for easier clean up. In order to make sure the client does not get cold during the treatment, the professional can use a heated blanket, depending on the room temperate and the client's preference.

2. Have the client has lie on their back and wrap the plastic sheet, bed sheet, and blanket around them to keep them from getting cold.

33. Put on a pair of gloves and, in a medium-sized mixing bowl, mix together six-to-eight scoops of a salt scrub with six-to-eight pumps of a moisturizing lotion. Essential oils can also be added to the mixture to create a custom blend. Talk with the client and make recommendations on which essentials oils or scents they would benefit from. The mixture should have a granular consistency – if the mixture has too much liquid, add more salt and vice versa. Adjust the amount of salt and lotion used depending on the height and weight of the client. If a client does not want full body exfoliation, perform these steps for specific areas, such as the legs, the arms, or back. Simply adjust the salt scrub mixture amounts for whichever body part the client wants exfoliated.

4. Always check the skin for lesions, cut, or scratches before applying the scrub, avoiding these areas because the salt will4 sting them. Starting with one side of the body, apply the salt scrub one section at a time by pulling away the plastic sheet, bed sheet, and blanket. Keep the other side of the body wrapped and try not to expose very large sections of the body in order to ensure the client stays warm. Start at the feet and work up the body.

5. While exfoliating the salt scrub into the skin, communicate with the client to be sure the right amount of pressure is being used. Alternate between effleurage movements and small circular motions and be sure to exfoliate towards the heart. While working the stomach, exfoliate in a clockwise motion to prevent any discomfort to the client.

56. After finishing with one side of the client's body, fill a medium-sized bowl with warm water. Pull back the plastic sheet, bed sheet, and blanket on the side of the body that has just been exfoliated. Soak gloved hands in the warm water, shake off any excess, and massage the salt scrub into the client's skin. This step helps the salt and minerals to be absorbed by the skin, giving the client an added benefit. Try not to take too long at this step – the more time taken, the colder the client might become. Wrap the client's body back up when finished seeping the salt.

7. Repeat steps four, five, and six on the other side of the client's body.12

8. Once both sides of the client's body have been exfoliated and the salt scrub has seeped into the skin, carefully roll the bottom half of the towel up and gently remove it. Wrap the client back up and help them into a sitting position. Pull back the blanket, bed sheet, and plastic sheet, letting the upper towel fall away so that it can catch any excess salt.

9. Repeat steps four, five, and six on the back.

710. Roll the top part of the towel and have the client lift up so the towel can be removed. Have the client lie back down and make sure their whole body is wrapped.

11. If the treatment room has a shower, have the client rinse themselves off without the use of soap so that the minerals from the salt continue to work. For treatment rooms without a shower, use a warm, wet towel to gently clean the client's skin of any remaining salt.

12. After the client has been washed, cover them in a towel and hydrate their skin using moisturizing lotion. Make sure to thoroughly massage the lotion into their skin to ensure maximum hydration.

Making sure clients exfoliate regularly will help to eliminate unnecessary dead skin cells, but also mineralize and hydrate their skin to ensure they always have a healthy glow!

Lina-Kennedy-2014Lina Kennedy is a chief pioneer, collecting many feathers in her cap. An expert on professional sugaring, Kennedy regularly writes articles for industry magazines in North America and Europe. As president of Alexandria Professional, one of her personal goals is to ensure that each professional trained in the art of body sugaring learns and understands the exceptional results that they and their clients can achieve through The Kennedy Theory™ for sugaring and The Kennedy Technique Theory™.


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