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What’s Your Recipe: How do you inspire healthy competition?

Written by   Erin Lucie, DNP, FNP-C, doctor of nursing practice, cosmetologist, and clinical director at CryoMed Clinic

The key to creating a healthy, competitive environment for a spa is teamwork. Addressing staff as a team is the first step. This sets the tone that it is not one person that determines the success of the spa or satisfaction of the client, but the team as one unit. A client will most likely interact with at least two, if not three or more, employees at any given visit. It is important that team members understand this and are working together as a unit, first and foremost.


Some team members may be earning commission on their sales, while some, such as the receptionist, may not. Nonetheless, healthy competition is good for the whole team. Consider giving a substantial quarterly bonus that is split between the entire team if a revenue goal or certain expectations are achieved. This may be anywhere from $250 to $900 per team member, depending on the size and profits of the spa, and everyone gets the same amount – from the receptionist to the person that brought in the most revenue.


Remember, this is a bonus out of the goodness of one’s heart; it is not a right to the staff, unlike their sales commission. This means, the bonus is entirely subjective and up to how the team has performed on and off the books. If there has been drama, gossiping, theft, or any number of negative behaviors, then exercise the authority to withhold the quarterly bonus, even if practice revenue goals were met. However, the team members should not rely on these quarterly bonuses, because they may not focus on their personal sales as much.


Another way to reward good behavior and create healthy competition is by providing small rewards, such as $100, for team members that get the most social media reviews or engagement, complete the most follow-up calls, get the most referrals that month, or so forth. This is something that can be tailored to fit the team and may highlight their strengths and weakness, allowing them to improve their performance. Having shorter, monthly competitions like these is not as daunting as yearly or even quarterly goals.


WYR2For a fun, quick competition, and to keep everyone on their toes, consider handing out $25 gift cards randomly, or at the weekly meeting, for someone who went above and beyond for a client, closed a large sale, or who worked overtime to cover for a sick teammate.


Healthy competition is not about money, it is about delivering a quality service and continuously looking for ways to improve. Remember, reward good behavior and decrease negative behavior. Rewards do not necessarily need to be monetary. Rewards could also include allowing staff to have a longer lunch, lunch brought in by their favorite restaurant, a closer parking spot for the month, or movie tickets. Get creative with rewards. By recognizing the strengths in one teammate, it showcase’s a behavior or performance for the others to strive. This creates a positive feedback cycle that makes the team stronger as a whole, as they grow together, while focusing on the spa’s overall vision. Healthy competition is what drives a spa’s success.

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