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Whats Your Recipe for Controlling Chaos In An Out-Of-Control Day?

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I recently had the most chaotic day… I had insomnia and had to wake up at 6:00 a.m. to do a beauty segment on television and was wide awake at 4:00. I could not go back to sleep! I thought I put coffee water in the carafe, but instead I made a pot of nothing and burned my pot. Rush hour was in no rush so we crawled to the television station bumper to bumper. The morning show segment I did went well.
On the drive to my studio, the phone would not stop ringing with sales calls.

Throughout the day, each of our clients ran late and a few never showed for their appointments… You know those kinds of days.
My office manager called in sick with flu-like symptoms. I suggested she stay home and rest. My other employee had a personal crisis and she could not come in. I had to work the day by myself. It was a one after another kind of day.
I never ever let a bad day stay. My mantra is it must be turned around. I needed an escape mentally and physically. Between clients I went to my office, illuminated my Himalayan salt lamp, and played a CD called Sanctuary by Georgel Skaroulis. I sat in silence and drank a cup of Chai tea in my favorite cup and saucer that a client gave me. I misted lavender spray on my hands and relaxed to its calming aroma. I was surrounded by things of beauty and that made me happy. Eight minutes or so later I was ready to get back out there. Time heals all crazy days… and how you handle it in your own way is a magical mood changer.


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