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What’s your recipe for a client refusing to pay their bill?

Written by   Catherine Kooiman

Your relationship with the customer is most important, so whatever the mistake or client’s opinion of the pricing in this scenario, the demeanor in which the client is regarded for is most important.

After all, we are in the business of skin care, but alongside that, we are in the business of relationship building. Your client’s trust in you and their satisfaction is first and foremost.

When a client is dissatisfied, you must determine whether they were overcharged, if it was an accounting mistake, or if they were simply dissatisfied with the price. In any case, it is certainly easier to apologize for the accounting mistake had there been one. I would handle this situation by apologizing to the client for the disappointment or mistake. I would explain that it is my goal to satisfy them, immediately correct the mistake, and offer them a savings and incentive to return as our client.
However, if the client was unhappy or dissatisfied with the pricing in general, then as we take care of the client, we must also protect our business. I would follow up by reinforcing my fair pricing standards, furnish them with a printed pricing menu, as well as an e-mailed copy, and let the client know that it is our primary goal to have their utmost satisfaction with any service provided. First, I would go over the treatment of service with them and ask what they felt was not of value at the price given. Then, if we could not agree, I would compensate the service and let them know that this was solely to make up for any miscommunication and that we certainly care for them enough to resolve any conflict. In the future, the client will know the pricing ahead of the treatment service and we will note on their client profile to charge them for that service at the time they booked in the future to avoid any miscommunication.
Regardless of who is right and wrong, it is inevitable that customer service must outshine above all else, even at the expense of the business. Parameters should be put in place to safeguard the well-being of the business while client regard remains intact.

Catherine-Kooiman2015Catherine Kooiman founded Skin So Sweet in June 2007 as a one-room rental aesthetician in Huntington Beach, Calif. With over 15 years as a certified aesthetician, she quickly became an expert in sugaring as she realized it was the most effective treatment for hair removal. Kooiman has a strong passion for sharing her sweetest sugaring techniques. She also founded Sweet Professional™ Inc., to provide aestheticians the opportunity to purchase high-quality professional organic sugar products and supplies. In her free time, Kooiman is a consummate visionary who explores new creative opportunities and enjoys cooking and entertaining with family and friends.

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