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Written by   Linda Harding-Bond, president of Moontide Consulting

Ibelieve that in today’s hyper competitive environment, achieving mere customer satisfaction should not be the goal. The customer has to be wowed, delighted and ready to rebook their next appointment before leaving the spa.
I like to think of my customers as extended family members. Working with that mindset precludes concerns about social and financial status, aspects which can sometimes impede our ability to see clients as human beings with needs not unlike our own. Your personal comfort level with your client directly impacts the quality of your interaction.

This comes into play from the initial greeting. Most people love to visit their relatives because the first thing they experience is a big smile and warm hug. You do not necessarily have to embrace your clients but imagine the impact of a smile that actually reflects in your eyes. Many of my clients come to the spa directly from work and they have told me that my smile is often the first one of their day.
We never visit our relatives without inquiring about their health. You would not simply hand them an intake form; you would have a conversation. Clients want to share and talk about themselves. A trip to the spa is about more than just physical satisfaction. There is also a mental and emotional catharsis that must
occur for the client to be truly satisfied. Listening well is a skill that will have clients clamoring for your services.
Lastly, your exchange with your clients must be well informed and scrupulously honest in every aspect, even if that involves changing their service to a less expensive one that is more appropriate for their needs. You have now saved them money and you have also inspired their loyalty. Who would not return to a service provider that is knowledgeable and trustworthy?
While there are many other components that lead to customer satisfaction, you cannot go wrong with these simple client engagements.

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