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Making Time: The Aesthetician’s Need for Self-Care

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As an aesthetician, we are trained to help clients through so many stages in their lives, as well as their skin changes. Teenage acne, adult acne, major milestones, weddings, aging, trauma, you name it, we see it. We also play a little bit of the role of a therapist at times. Listening to our clients, developing relationships with them, and holding their hands through good and bad times. For me, this is one of the many things I love about my career. Treating skin disorders and nourishing new friendships along the way. It feeds me just as much as it feeds them. But what happens when we hit a wall? When we need a pick me up from the day-to-day? Do you ever get the feeling you are running in circles? Or that you’re just plain stagnant? So many questions can arise when aestheticians, need a little boost and love. As I write this, we are in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic – a time that is extremely confusing. A lot of us are out of work and wondering what is next. Right now, more than any other time in my life, self-care should be the top priority. When I chose to write about what self-care meant to me months ago, I had such a different perspective on the topic than I do now. But nonetheless, self-care should always be a top priority. I am going to take you through my thought process and things I do to get myself out of a funk. It happens to all of us, we are human.



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Courtney La Marine has been a licensed aesthetician since 2006 and continues to grow and learn in the skin care industry every day. She is based in Denver, Colorado and owns Clove Studios. She has worked with many skin care and wax lines as head of education. Working with top resort spas and destination hotels has allowed La Marine to create a unique approach to how skin care is presented to clients. Not only does she have a skin care studio in Denver, she also takes clients in Uvita, Costa Rica and researches new ingredients for a fresh take on skin care. La Marine is a result-driven professional who loves what she does, creates unique treatments for each client, and wants to give clients the skin they deserve. Staying current with new trends, innovative ingredients, and the latest technologies are of the upmost importance to her.        

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