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Creative Seasonal Add-ons Keep Customers Coming Back All Year Long

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Trips to the spa are a client’s favorite way to nurture themselves from external stressors, regardless of the season. Whether life has them down, they need an escape, or they just want to celebrate the weather, aesthetic and spa services are the perfect, nurturing treat. Make sure spa offerings reflect what is en vogue, in-season, and weather sensitive.

Customize the spa menu with seasonal flavors and add-ons to give the business an easy niche and to appeal to the client’s changing needs. Reflect the season, not only in the services themselves, but also in tastes and peripheral offerings such as teas and snacks. Make their spa trip worth taking! Seasonal add-ons allow skin care professionals to stand out and give them the flexibility to customize their menu without changing their core offerings or marketing materials. Add-ons will also keep core customers coming back season after season.

Untitled-2Wintertime Delights
During the winter, there are a number of ways to set the mood for the season. For example, offer clients thick and large plush spa robes in which they can nuzzle, light the fireplace, cover the spa in wintertime flowers, and play holiday music. Hot apple cider, spiced tea, and truffles can also be served while they wait or soak. As for tailoring the spa’s treatments to match the season, here are a few examples that can be implemented into any spa.
Feed the Face: Hydrating and lifting facials nourish dehydrated, winter skin. Create collagen, peptide, sea buckthorn, marine, caviar, champagne, or rose serums or masks for heavenly facial add-ons.
Detoxify and clarify: Promote detoxifying charcoal masks to extract impurities, heat, and detoxify skin. This paste-like and aroma free mask is painted onto the face and left to dry.
Ap-peeling Treat: Add on active and stimulating facial scrubs and light peels to create heat, lift, and exfoliate the client's skin for a fresh New Year's complexion.
Deep Cleanse: Focus on deep-pore cleansing to compensate for additional makeup and possible heavier winter diets.
Untitled-4Brighten Up: Offer organic peels and brightening exfoliation for the face and body to shed summer skin and exfoliate while there is less sun out.
Warming Ingredients: Rid clients of their winter cold by heating them up with head-to-toe body treatments using seasonal ingredients like warm coconut oil, therapeutic mud, or ginger.
Wraps: For the body, offer services that create extra penetration and muscle relaxation, such as cocooning thermal wraps with foil and blankets to free clients of their winter blues.
Peppermint and Hot Chocolate: Create body exfoliation treatments in winter flavors such as hot cocoa and peppermint to clear clients of uneven, tanned, or rough skin that was created from summer outings.
Soothing Massage: Hot stone and warming massages using eucalyptus or lavender heat the muscles and relax all the sensations. Create a wintertime, deep pressure massage that combines sports stretches, compressions, and deep tissue work, blending high-potency aromatherapy to warm and soothe muscles and ease any muscle tension.
Bathtime: Have aromatic seasonal soaks, like sage, to stimulate the client's senses.
Untitled-3Oil Therapy: Help clients reduce sluggish, dry, and cracked winter skin. Dry brushing or gommage services in a well-heated and aromatic room, combined with a heated oil massage and essential oils create circulation and body warmth during the cold days.
Decompress: Help clients fight sluggishness by offering add-on, body circulatory treatments performed by compression systems during aesthetic and facial services.
Wax On: Heated paraffin and therapeutic massage with warmed cream are a must-have add-on for all the wintertime treatments.
Lash Out: Promote eyelash and eyebrow extensions for winter parties.
Tress Treats: Restore dried hair with haircuts, moisturizing masks, and treatments to counteract any parched and damaged hair caused by exposure to sun, chlorine, and the beach.
Toe-riffic: Offer spicy and aromatic pedicures like cinnamon or pumpkin to reflect the season's rich winter flavors.

Put Some Spring in Your Spa
It is best to set the mood during the spring by serving sparkling juice, ice tea, and playing light guitar music. Furthermore, display pansies, daffodils, tulips, and other springtime flowers throughout the spa. The following add-on treatments can be applied to the spa to increase the spring mood.
Transitional Facials: In spring, there is a big focus on beauty. Male and female clients look to change their image and shed off winter skin in preparation for the summertime season. Promote facials that prepare the skin for the transition into these months.
Glow with Gold: Offer gold leafing and gold-lifting masks to add on to facials and makeup treatments to give clients a beautiful glow. Create an add-on, gold-body scrub and gold-themed massage with dry, gold oil to give the body a beautiful glow for spring. Spring is the perfect time for fewer acids and more moisture, lift, and radiance.
Banish Fine Lines: Promote anti-aging facial treatments with more gentle acids that include lots of moisture, lift, and leave the client's skin with a beautiful, natural color. These facials are popular this season, as clients want their skin to look more bronzed and blushed.
Cool Off: Add on cooling-gel masks with exotic extracts such as snail venom, peptides, collagen, and hyaluronic acids to detoxify the skin after the cold winter.
Exfoliate: Clients love to get body-exfoliation treatments to prepare for exposing their skin again and to enhance their hair removal treatments. Face and body hair-removal services featuring expert, yet gentle, wax techniques are a must.
Chop Chop: Layered hairstyles become big in preparation for the hotter weather.
Smell the Roses: Floral themed massages, manicures, and pedicures reflect the new blooms outside.
Beauty School: Springtime makeup lessons that help teach clients lighter and brighter makeup techniques that are customized to their face and inclusive of the latest colors are a popular treat and also serve as a gift item.

Untitled-5Summer Lovin’
During the summer, incorporate tropical fruits and floral-themed flavors into the treatments. Also offer clients tropical fruits, tropical fruit-infused water, sweet ice tea, popsicles, frozen yogurt, and spritzers to create the ultimate summertime spa experience. Utilize the following add-on ideas to bring the summer season into the spa.
Healing Therapy: Offer an antioxidizing facial that counterbalances and protects the skin from the sun and promotes post-sun exposure skin healing.
Take Your Vitamins: Facial treatments based on vitamins C and E help skin regenerate itself and create a beautiful, even-toned complexion.
Light Show: Add LED onto any facial with hot and cold stimulation to bring down inflammation from overexposure to the sun.
Plump The Skin: Freeze dried collagen treatments with oxygen detoxify summer skin and restore moisture where hydration is depleted.
Dot Your Eyes: Add on nourishing eye treatments to counteract the damaging effects of sunshine, alcohol, and toxins.
Wrap Star: Combine wraps with facials. Alternately, offer a body-compression system, such as a balancer, in conjunction with other services or as a stand-alone treatment. Wrap the client during their facial and perform standing, dry brush-exfoliation treatments. Then apply slimming gel all over needed areas and tuck the client in a circulation-stimulating body system for a wonderful, toning body treatment.
Color in the Lines: As the heat sets in, clients are shedding more than layers of clothes. They want to lighten the feel of their skin and body. Because more skin is showing, clients are sensitive to looking their best. Skin needs moisture and color because the legs, arms, hands, and feet are exposed. It is the perfect time to offer self-tanner applications.
Gentle Hydration: Offer facial and body treatments that exfoliate, soothe, and hydrate gently. Avoid active exfoliants, acids, retinols, and peels that make the client's skin vulnerable to damage.
Tone Up: Clients want to create the ultimate beach or mini-dress body. Anti-cellulite treatments and slimming wraps help clients rediscover tone and improve skin texture. Promote summertime body wraps to keep the body looking toned and to reduce cellulite.
Body Facials: Offer back, arm area, and intimate area treatments to help clients feel less self-conscious in their summertime bikinis.
Indoor Beach: Heated sand tables often create the ultimate beach experience when combined with a massage treatments.
Highlight the Positive: Clients love to use their hairstyle to look bright and youthful in the summertime season. Inform clients about the different types of highlight options they have from chunky to balayage. Offer summertime bang cuts and sexy, layered haircuts for summer.
Nail It: Beautiful manicures and pedicures with long-lasting polishes are a must!

Untitled-6Fall Festivities
Nothing encourages thoughts of fall more than pumpkins. Set the mood during this season by lighting pumpkin spice candles and serving clients pumpkin pie bites and pumpkin spice lattes. The spa can also be decorated with fall foliage, pumpkins, and cornucopias. Bring the best of fall into the spa by applying the following add-on treatments to the spa menu.
Feed the Skin: Re-hydrate summer parched and thirsty skin with deeply-moisturizing treatments that nourish with ingredients such as shea butter, milk, and coconut cream.
Peel Away: Encourage renewal of the face and body with enzyme masks and scrubs, salt scrubs, and hand and foot peels for regeneration after the harsh summer months. Use exfoliating booties on hands and feet in facials, massages, or nail services to exfoliate thick skin that developed from walking barefoot in the summertime. Paraffin treatments for the face, hands, and body restore post-summer roughness.
Pigment Erasers: Perform restorative facials to repair post-sun skin with microcurrent, diamond microdermabrasion, gentle brighteners, and acids.
Pumpkin is Not Just to Eat: Offer sugar and spiced-themed treatments that cater to the time of year, but are also beneficial. A pumpkin enzyme body peel sloughs away dull skin layers, increases cell regeneration, and reflects the jolly Halloween and Thanksgiving seasons. Other seasonal favorites for face and body peels include pears, citrus, and berries.
Cell Regeneration: Remove dead skin cell buildup and boost cell regeneration for the face and body. A great treatment for the beginning of the fall season is a fire and ice massage treatment. Incorporate heat packs and/or heated oils by alternating massage with ice for total blood flow and circulation.
Get Stoned: A Himalayan warm stone massage is a great way to warm clients up as the temperature drop, as well as purify the skin and senses at a time when colds are prevalent. Incorporate warm stone massage into facials, manicure, and pedicures.
Head This Way: Scalp treatments make a soothing and nurturing add-on to help clients transition into the colder weather.
Indulge with Color: Offer rich and nourishing hair color treatments to counteract the damage done from highlights and sunshine bleaching left over from the summertime.

Simply take what is already offered and implement what is possible, within reason. Bump it up a notch with any of the listed ideas. Make little changes throughout the spa or salon. Add on seasonal touches to create exciting newness for clients and staff. The efforts will be seen, felt, and enjoyed!

Bella-Schneider 2014Bella Schneider, P.M.E., leads a team of more than 200 aesthetic professionals at three premier spas. For more than 35 years, Schneider has traveled the world to bring service providers the best in aesthetic science; as a groundbreaking formulator, successful retailer, and respected educator, her mission is to help professionals enhance their practice and grow their business. Winner of the Nouvelles Esthetiques lifetime achievement Crystal Award for contributions to beauty science, Schneider hosts beginning-to-advanced training in clinical and spa skin care as well as ethnic skin care, peels, and other new techniques at Bella Schneider Beauty’s Palo Alto, Calif.-based training center.

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