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Friday, 02 March 2012 14:47

Compliment Traditional Aesthetic Services with Quick, Easy Add-On Treatments

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Compliment traditional aesthetic services with quick and easy add-on treatments. By doing this, you can show your clients new treatments they might not have experienced before - all while adding a few extra bucks to your day's progress. Below are a few examples for you to try in your practice!

Hair Removal at the Pedicure Station
It is simply not glamorous to have hair on your toes and fingers, and unfortunately some of us do … including our clients. As a result, adding a body sugaring or wax service as an add-on treatment to remove those pesky hairs is a must and a wonderful way to cater to clients. In addition, it is also a great way to add extra value to your service menu and your bottom line. How? By adding this service onto a regular pedicure service it can brings in an additional $5 or $10, and it only adds on five minutes or less to the actual treatment itself.

Hair Removal at the Salon Chair
Everyone loves a great haircut, but nothing screams bad haircut like crazy hair fringe sticking out from behind the ears or out of the shirt-collar. For this very reason, it is important to make sure the client's hair looks stylish and well-groomed. As an add-on service, you can shape the nape of the neck with a five minute sugaring or wax treatment to create the perfect neckline that will last until the next haircut. Also, this add-on treatment gives a smoother appearance and feel as the hair begins to grow back.

Salt Glow and Body Scrubs with a Facial
Smooth skin is essential to all parts of the body and nothing makes skin tingle and eliminates dead skin cells more than a good scrub. Adding a twenty minute body scrub helps to release and prevent ingrown hairs and freshens the follicles to aide in future hair elimination services … plus it is a great way to unwind. After all, skin care is not just about the face … it is about the whole body!

Body Mask and Wrap with a Full Body Sugaring or Wax Treatment
After a client receives a full body wax or sugaring treatment it is essential to soothe and hydrate their skin. A great way to accomplish this is by massaging muds, oils and herbs into their skin post-treatment. Not only does this soothe and hydrate, but it also allows the client to relax and meditate for 20 to 30 minutes. Giving your clients a great way to simultaneously regenerate their mind and body is always a winner!

Brow Shaping with a Facial
Staring a facial by cleaning up the brows with body sugaring or wax is a great, quick add-on service that often leads to becoming a regular part of every facial treatment. Clients become accustomed to combining hair removal with their skin care services. This is such a great way to add a few extra dollars onto the service ticket. Skin care issues are often the result of facial hair problems. Tweezing chin hairs can lead to broken hairs, which leads to breakouts. Professional hair removal will often help clear up problem skin especially when relating to removal on fair in the natural direction by using professional sugaring.

Foot Massage with a Facial
Most everyone enjoys receiving a foot massage. So, provide a 10 minute foot massage as an add-on treatment to be performed during the mask period of your facial. This step could be the added special "touch" needed to send your client into a relaxed state. In fact, this add-on treatment could be taken even a step further by offering to "bump it up" by adding in a foot soak. What started out as a facial has now turned into a heavenly treatment!

Lina Kennedy is president of Alexandria Professional, which is headquartered in Welland, Ontario Canada. To contact Kennedy call 800-957-8427or visit www.alexandriaprofessional.com

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