7 Secrets Every Aesthetician Should Know About Skin of Color

Written by Eunice Cofie-Obeng, founder, chief cosmetic chemist, and aesthetician at Nuekie
The skin care market is growing but there is still an untapped need for personalized skin care services for people of color. Women and men of color are looking for skin care specialists who understand their unique skin care needs. Unfortunately, many aestheticians never receive adequate training on skin of color in aesthetics school. Getting quality education on how to treat the unique structure and…
Today, skin care professionals are fortunate enough to have access to a near endless amount of options in the treatment room. From the amazing, cutting-edge skin care ingredients to the advanced modalities revolutionizing the industry, there have never been more options available to skin care professionals than there are today. While many of these next-generation ingredients and modalities are transforming the landscape of aesthetics for…
Mother Nature, the creative genius with millions of years of research and development history, is an inspiration for technology across a wide array of industries. By mining into the abundant information of biological systems while utilizing nature’s tools and flow of ideas, a path for the creation of new innovation emerges. Biotechnology has a strong presence in skin care advances that is achieved from the…

A Look at Rosacea

Written by Gina Charles, D.O.
Rosacea is a common, chronic skin disorder that primarily affects the face. It is characterized by persistent symmetrical flushing and redness to the central face, including the forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin. Rosacea is more common in people ages 30 to 50 and fair-skinned women. It less often effects men and children.
Detoxifying and cleansing are not new concepts and are often marketed with nutritional diets, juice cleansing, substance rehabilitation, antioxidants, and much more. Cosmetic ingredients can be integrated within anti-aging products with the significance of diminished detoxifying abilities that declines with aging as well as categories to provide balance to the detoxification process from breakdowns that occur from toxic overload. Intervention and continued rehabilitation is available…

Healthy Summer Skin

Written by Robert Sachs, L.M.T.
In the changing of the seasons, we see how organisms in the natural world around us, be they plant or animal, respond to the challenges and gifts of sun, rain, wind, dryness, hot, cold, and so on. The new youth and vitality sprung from spring builds in intensity and power in the summer, to mature and ripen through the fall, only to recede in quiet…

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