K-Beauty Unlimited

Written by Janel Luu
South Korea is about 99 times smaller than the United States. This easily overlooked Asian country is also about seven times smaller than Texas, four times smaller than California, and 1.4 times smaller than Florida. However, like tae kwon do, South Korea packs a mighty punch. Just within the past decade, K-drama, K-pop, and K-beauty have carved out a large niche on the global front.…

From Tradition to Trending

Written by Boldijarre Koronczay
With more thermal springs than anywhere else in the world and a spa and bathing culture that dates back to ancient Roman times, it is no wonder Hungary is dubbed “the land of spa culture.” The perfect embodiment of east meets west, science meets nature, and beauty meets health, Hungary continues to welcome travelers and notable figures from all over the world who flock to…
It is imperative for skin care professionals in today’s market to position themselves as the exfoliation expert – not specifically to push exfoliants and peels during every treatment but to know the difference certain acids can make in skin and whether it is safe for certain skin conditions. Aesthetics professionals often learn the basics of mechanical and chemical exfoliants, but they do not understand the…

Going Deep

Written by Alex Hernandez
Before diving into the amazing world of acids and enzymes, it is important to have a grasp of skin’s anatomy and physiology. Skin is the body’s largest organ and is composed of water, protein, fats, and minerals. Every inch of skin on the body contains approximately 19 million skin cells, 60,000 melanocytes, 1,000 nerve endings, and 20 blood vessels. As a part of the body’s…
Desquamation, simply put, is the natural process of shedding skin. Sadly, the natural process will never be 100% effective due to a variety of factors like age, homecare, skin type, and environmental elements. That is where deliberate exfoliation comes in. Most people recognize the critical role skin plays in one’s overall health; however, the step most often overlooked in a standard skin care routine is…

January 2023

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