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Oncology aesthetics is the combination of aesthetic skills combined with specialized oncology training so that a skin care professional can safely and effectively help a client who is experiencing skin-related side effects from cancer treatments.  

In the 16th century, William Horman is quoted saying, “The mother of invention is necessity.” As with most things, oncology aesthetics was created out of a need and a gap in client care. When a person goes through cancer and the treatments involved to cure it, there are many skin-related side effects. 

Often, a cancer patient will express their skin-related side effects to their doctor, but they are told it is normal, meaning the medications are working and not to worry. These individuals can be left without much help in how to deal with these side effects. This is where licensed skin care professional can step in to help clients achieve the comfort and skin they desire during treatment.  

Remember, the physician’s job is focused on the disease and getting rid of it, which is what they should do. But skin care professionals can now help fill the gap and improve their clients’ quality of life and health outcome.1  

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Becky KuehnBecky Kuehn is the inspirational founder of Oncology Spa Solutions and the author of “Life Changing Esthetics.” Her mission is to educate spa, salon, and medical professionals in remedying the devastating side effects of cancer treatments. She is the premier leading educator and liaison for holistic and oncology trained aestheticians, working in treatment centers within hospitals, or alongside the oncology team. As a cancer survivor herself, Kuehn is able to draw from her personal experiences, as well as her master aesthetician and cosmetology training, to aid and inspire those in the groundbreaking field of oncology skin care. She is even a Hope Coach, which truly makes her an ambassador of hope, compassion, and inspiration. 

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