WHAT IS IT? The less established way of treating acne is to use hot and cold hydrotherapy techniques also known as contrast hydrotherapy. This aids the lymphatic system and allows skin to rid the body of excess waste and inflammation, like acne. Since there is no routine acne and acne can be triggered in many ways, this a great solution to unclog the lymphatic system…

Infused Exfoliation: Jumpstarting Skin Renewal

Written by Corey Hartung, vice president of DermaSweep
The body is in a constant state of regeneration. To that end, the skin is constantly shedding skin cells, but over time it becomes less effective and slower to renew. Older cells on the surface take longer to slough off, resulting in a dry or rough appearance of the skin. The buildup of old skin and debris can block the pores, spurring acne and giving…

Face Food: Jelly Mask Skin Care

Written by Savanna Boda, L.E., C.L.T, L.S.O., The Dallas Aesthetician
Step aside sheet masks, jelly masks are all the rave. Some may have seen these alluring and captivating masks flooding their Instagram feeds and may be wondering: what exactly are these jiggly wiggly masks everyone is raving about? Luckily, the following is a breakdown of this famous trend. Imagine being covered in jelly from the forehead all the way down to the chin. These intriguing…

Skin and Bones: Healing with Bone Marrow Stem Cells

Written by Matthew Miller, L.E., L.M.T., owner of Matthew Miller Skin
It seems there is more and more talk about bone marrow stem cells every day – and for great reason. Bone marrow stem cells are extremely pro-healing and anti-inflammatory. They are also the only stem cell used to cure cancer and disease. While the benefits of these stem cells are remarkable, how do they play a role in skin care? When an individual is young,…

Fact or Fiction: Oily skin takes longer to age than dry skin.

Written by Rachael Pontillo, M.Msc, FDN-P, CIHC, L.E., CEO of Holistically Haute Inc, president of the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance
Most teenagers and adults who struggle with excessively oily skin may consider it more of a curse than a blessing. However, that feeling may subside when, at some point, they will likely hear something like, “it might bother you now, but you’ll be grateful for it in 20 years because oily skin ages slower than dry skin.” Is this an old wives’ tale or is…

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