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Picking Problems: Addressing Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation in the Spa

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Skin care professionals and clients alike have experienced those annoying red spots that remain long after an acne breakout. They seem to last forever. Eventually, these red spots disappear, but as aestheticians know, there is a quicker solution and ways to help clients rid their skin of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.


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Samantha Dench


Samantha Dench is a 16-year licensed aesthetician, owner of Skin Deep, author, and speaker. Dench’s passion stems beyond treating the skin to include internal health to achieve healthy skin for clients by finding the root of the problem. She loves to educate groups of women and share her knowledge and passion of skin. Dench loves to share her book to help women take control of their skin. She is a single mom of three and loves to cook, bake, and find creative ways to find healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes.

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