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Sweet Dreams: Sleep & the Aging Process

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Most people don’t sleep enough or get quality sleep. I wish I could tell you that I’m writing this article because I always get enough rest. However, the truth is, I struggle just like you. As a single mom of two tweens and a teenager, a business owner, and head of household, getting proper sleep is my biggest downfall. My goal for 2023 is to focus more on myself and sleep is a self-care must, which I am improving on. Getting enough sleep is important and lack of sleep affects overall health, so knowing how to schedule your sleep can make all the difference. 


Because life is so busy, you might be avoiding or putting off sleep, almost like it is an inconvenience. However, lack of rest puts the body under stress and produces cortisol. This causes a decrease in productivity because your brain needs sleep to recharge. Yet, many struggle with sleep because of an active brain. When you sleep, your organs repair themselves, which is essential for skin as it is the largest organ of the body. If you don’t get enough sleep, your organs can’t function properly, which not only leads to health problems but also accelerates the aging process. Skin care professionals are supposed to be experts at slowing down the aging process, yet most aren’t sleeping enough – the foundational rule of age management. 


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Samantha Dench is a 15-year licensed aesthetician, author, speaker, and owner of Skin Deep. Dench’s passion goes beyond treating skin to include internal health, so she can achieve healthy skin for her clients by finding the root of the problem. Dench loves to educate groups of women and share her knowledge and passion for skin through her book and speaking engagements.

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