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Sun Soaked

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Sun damage is a topic that skin care professionals talk about until they feel blue in the face. Yet, why do so many clients skip this crucial step in their skin care routine? The solution to this problem involves continuing to learn and educate themselves, so they can better educate their clients. When professionals know more, they do better. Setting an example and backing it up with education is going to help equip clients with tools and knowledge to make an informed decision and stick to a sun protection routine.

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Samantha DenchSamantha Dench is a 16-year licensed aesthetician, owner of Skin Deep, author, and speaker. Dench’s passion goes beyond treating the skin and incorporates internal health as means to achieve healthy skin for clients by finding the root of the problem. She loves to educate groups of women and share her knowledge and passion for skin. Dench finds pleasure in sharing her book to help women take control of their skin. She is a single mom of three and loves to cook, bake, and find creative ways for healthy alternatives to her favorite dishes.

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