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Skin Perfection Peel by DermaQuest™

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Skin Perfection Peel by DermaQuest™ Skin Therapy-change

Step 1: Cleanse
Remove makeup, dirt, and impurities while papaya and pineapple extracts gently exfoliate using Daily Enzyme Cleanser, which is suitable for sensitive to normal skin types. Emulsify cleanser with lukewarm water and gently massage onto the skin for one to two minutes. If client is wearing eye makeup, remove using DermaMinerals™ Eye Makeup Remover.

Step 2: Cleanse
The second cleanse will remove debris and oil from the skin’s surface and follicles as well as prepare the skin for the chemical peel. Apply Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%] to the skin and massage in for approximately three to four minutes. Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%] is a creamy cleanser that works well for a facial massage. *Because you cannot apply any moisture after the Skin Perfection Peel for at least five hours, your facial massage should be done now. It is not necessary to emulsify the cleanser with water. It is normal for the client to experience a tingling sensation with this cleanser. So, please inform the client of this when applying the Beta Hydroxy Cleanser [2%].

Step 3: Degrease
Using gloves, prepare the skin with DermaPrime Solution by applying the solution to a gauze pad. Wipe the face with the gauze pad beginning with the forehead, followed by the cheeks and nose (working down and around the face). Avoid the eye areas, ears, and lips. Allow the application to dry for two minutes.

Step 4: Protect
Using a cotton swab, apply Post Skin Resurfacing Balm to the border of the lips, eyebrows, and corners of the nose. This will help prevent the peel from absorption and excessive peeling in those areas. It is also necessary to protect any of these areas if the client has permanent makeup.



Step 5: Chemical exfoliation
Saturate a gauze pad with TCA 7/2 and apply to the face, beginning with the forehead, followed by the cheeks, working down and around the face. It is important that the application be as even as possible. Saturate the gauze pad again if needed halfway through the first pass. Wait five minutes in between passes to allow the chemical to penetrate and watch for frosting. Start at the chin and work your way back around to the forehead in the opposite direction for your second pass. Repeat a third pass on the entire face if the client has not frosted, or on the areas of the client’s face that have not frosted yet. A hand-held fan should be available for the client to hold during the procedure.

Step 6: Brighten
Saturate a gauze pad with Super Pigment Solution [10% azelaic acid, 3% kojic acid]. Apply one pass evenly on the entire face. This will help even out skin tone and brighten the overall complexion.



Step 7: Retinol
Saturate a gauze pad with Retinol Serum [4%]. Apply one pass evenly on the entire face. This will ensure an even peel and also aid in evening out skin tone and texture, as well as aid in the healing process.



Step 8: SPF
Apply On-The-Go Finishing Powder for broad spectrum physical SPF 30 protection with cotton balls or a sanitized kabuki brush. Please make sure to go over Post Peel Instruction sheet with the client.

For more information about this peel, contact DermaQuest™ at 800-213-8100.

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