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Grande Cosmetics’ Lash Boosting Technology Treatment

Lash Boosting Technology Treatment will, unquestionably, provide clients with their best eyelashes yet! By using all four of Grande Cosmetics' products together, clients will be left with the most outrageous eyelashes they have ever experienced! Grande Cosmetics believes that products do not have to feel boring or medical – their mission is to glam it up. They are creating functional products, hybrids that are a cross…

Age Rebellion Treatment

Time needed: 30 minutes STEP 1: Cleanse with an exfoliating cleanser under steam for two minutes. Remove with a warm, moist towel or sponge. STEP 2: Tone with a glycolic based toner. Saturate a cotton round and apply to face, neck and décolleté using an upward and out-ward motion. STEP 3: Saturate a gauze square with lactic acid based mask or peel. Using vertical strokes…

Rejuvenating Radiance Facial

This sensorial voyage along the spice route from the Emerald Coast to China, blends coastal French traditions, ingredients from exotic lands and “tui na” (Chinese-inspired massage). A granite massage gem from the coasts of Brittany is used to transmit heat and ease tension. Spice essences soothe the mind and stimulate skin tone. “Wen fa,” a Chinese technique of warming tension points is used throughout the…

April 2024

Brands of the Month

  • Face Reality Skincare
  • RapidLash Rocasuba, Inc.
  • Skin Script