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Oleaslim Cellulite Treatment

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The deep action of essential oils combined with gentle heat makes Oleaslim an effective treatment to detoxify, regulate fluid balance, and eliminate cellulite for slimming and body remodeling. The blend of pine, lavender, juniper, thyme, mint, sage, plus caffeine promotes the enzymatic process of lipolysis, relieves edema, and increases oxygen content in the tissues while the heat increases blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The overall result is increased wellness, reduction of cellulite, and dramatic inch loss.
1 Set up the massage table with a three zone heating blanket (heats to 115°F), sheet, and plastic drop cloth for sanitation. Preheat the blanket. Position client face up for the first treatment if measurements will be taken. All other sessions begin with the client lying face down.
2 Dry brush the body following the path of lymphatic drainage. Apply Oleaslim generously on the entire dorsal body surface beginning on the soles of the feet and working upward.

3 Have client roll over and repeat the dry brushing and the Oleaslim application. Apply Oleaslim on the bust line only if the client wants to reduce the bust.

4 Fold the plastic loosely around the client and close the blanket to create a cocoon. (Do not “mummy wrap” individual areas, as this will only impede circulation and drainage.) Place a pillow or folded towel under the head and set the blanket timer for 30 minutes. Some clients may need a few extra minutes for adequate circulatory activation. For best results, clients should remain in the heating blanket for 10 minutes after perspiration begins.
5 Add several drops of Hygia (a cleansing and disinfecting essential oil blend) to a bowl of
warm water.
6 Open the layers of the cocoon and wipe away perspiration and toxins with a cloth dipped in the Hygia/water mix. Rinse cloth frequently and dry each area when clean. Roll the client over, remove the plastic, and repeat the rinsing on the back.
7 Apply Slim (the sister product for home use similar to the professional Oleaslim) lightly to each area and massage lightly. Have client roll over and apply Slim to the front side. Repeat the measurements and calculate the overall inch loss.

Oleaslim Treatments are performed in a series of two treatments per week for a total of 10 sessions. All clients must drink at least eight glasses of water every day to flush toxins, maximize inch loss, and ensure adequate hydration. Always perform a health history consultation to avoid contraindications such as pregnancy, lactation, hypertension, etc.

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