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Love Your Clients’ Bodies As You Do Their Faces

Throughout time, women have created homemade body creams to smooth, soften, and keep their bodies youthful. Commercialized body creams have only been in the marketplace for the past century. The plethora of options available can often be confusing to clients. As aestheticians, it is important that we educate ourselves in the treatment of body skin care as well. This highly-lucrative market is often overlooked by…

Moisturizing Benefits

As skin care professionals, we understand the importance of using a day and nighttime moisturizer as part of our regular skin care regimen. But how do we communicate the importance of using such products and their benefits to a client who is looking for a solution to improve the condition and overall health of their skin? How the message is communicated to a client depends…

Those Eyes, Those Lips

The romance poets honored the parts of a face, saying “the eyes are windows of the soul” and “oh, lips, you the doors of breath…” It can also be said that these are parts of the face that we closely associate with conventional beauty. They are the images that linger when we remember our loved ones… his eyes, her smile, that look. The eyes in…

Facial Serums

As skin care professionals, we all know what a dramatic difference using an amazing serum can make. It can take years off a client’s appearance, reduce fatigue, tighten pores, minimize rosacea, soothe dryness, reduce hyperpigmentation, and diminish wrinkles.

The Equipment Checklist

Do you have the tools and equipment you need to be the best aesthetics professional possible? Are you thinking of starting a practice or are you renovating or upgrading equipment any time soon? The task of building a practice does not have to be daunting. Equipment can make or break your job as an aesthetician. Whether you want a private practice as an aesthetician or…