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2015 Cleansers

If a client asks a skin care professional what the most important part of a good homecare routine is, they will probably tell the client that it all starts with the right cleanser.

Exfoliation: From Ancient Times to Modern Day Aesthetics

As skin care professionals, we know the importance of skin exfoliation for healthy cell turnover, a refreshed and clear complexion, and better product absorption, but what about the methods of exfoliation? No one way of exfoliation is perfect for all skin types, but there are many possible alternatives that make it easy to find a method for every client! To make things as simple as…

Get Masked Today!

Your clients may have outgrown Halloween, but do not let them outgrow masking as an ongoing skin regimen! Do them a big favor and advise them to get masked if they have not already started!

Sun Protection: What They Are Not Telling You

Due to the effects that sun damage has on clients, skin care professionals should all be experts on sunscreens. However, that has not been easy due to the confusing regulations and misinformation that surrounds this category. In this article, what is known about current sunscreens will be clarified along with information on how to safely advise clients about the many myths associated with this category…

Hair Removal Essentials

With advances in hair removal options and technology over the years, it is important for skin care professionals, new and seasoned, to understand the options available to clients inside and outside the treatment room, as well as how to market hair removal services year-round.