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Maximize Your Career by Maximizing Tradeshows

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Tradeshows are a one-stop shop for exploring the skin care industry, connecting with other professionals, and learning! Tradeshows are an amazing opportunity to acquire all sorts of tools to grow and advance in the industry.


There are tradeshows in just about every region. There are many franchises that offer shows throughout the country, bringing top brands, qualified educators, and dynamic speakers together under one roof. Attending is a great investment in a professional’s future.


Tradeshows generally last for two to three days and have a fee for entrance. The entrance fee gives professionals access to speakers, classroom sessions, and the energy and excitement of a full exhibit hall. Many shows offer additional classes for an additional fee.


Each show has a website that includes a complete breakdown of the classes being offered, the speakers attending, and vendors exhibiting on the show floor.





Make attending the tradeshow an adventure. Be open to new and exciting opportunities.


Plan each day in advance. Having a plan for each day will help professionals get the most out of the show. Making lists of the most beneficial classes, speakers, and vendors may optimize the visit.


Do more than just shop. Professionals can spend the entire tradeshow shopping and miss other great opportunities. Watching demonstrations, discovering new brands, and looking for new equipment may be a more efficient use of time.


Be strategic. Be sure to study the map of the exhibit hall. Knowing the location of favorite brands will help each day go much faster.
Be sure to wear comfortable shoes. The tradeshow is not the time to show off heels. Go with flats! These events often require lots of walking.


Save all shopping for the end of the show. This will help with making better decisions and avoiding carrying too much throughout the day.






One of the best parts of a tradeshow is being able to connect with other professionals. Take the opportunity to network. There is truth to the saying, “Your net worth is equal to your network.”


Take business cards to the show. Vendors want them so they can send information! Stay informed by being on their list. They will always send up-to-date information on their products and services. Additionally, give business cards to other attendees, speakers, and educators. This could provide opportunities for career growth.


Get business cards from everyone. Having the contact information of other professionals in the industry can be invaluable. Skin care professionals never know when they are going to need a new product or a new piece of equipment. Having a list of contacts from a tradeshow will help fill needs much faster. When business cards are received, send a quick hello e-mail. This will start a dialogue and ensure new contacts are immediately added to address books. It is also convenient to get the e-mail address of the sales representative or trainer from a spa’s leadskin care brand, for future procedure or product questions.


Follow brands on social media. Social media is a great way to engage with brands. It is an efficient way to get up-to-date information, learn more about new products, and find out what is happening in real time. How is a brand’s Facebook page? How is its Instagram page? Brands that present themselves well on Facebook and Instagram are generally more organized and will be able to provide solid support to the people who buy from them.


Talk to current vendors. The opportunity to chat and connect with the representatives from current brands being used is priceless. Seize the opportunity to ask product- and procedure-related questions. Ask about what is new. Find out if they have any training classes scheduled in the near future. Don’t forget to take selfies with the team at their booth. Post it. Let clients see interactions with the team from the product lines sold in the spa. It will bolster their confidence in what is recommended to them.


Seek out new vendors. Stay open to new possibilities. Keep an open mind and look for new vendors for products that are currently carried. Skin care professionals never know when they might need to replace a product or a machine. 


Meet the speakers. After listening to an industry leader speak at a tradeshow, take a few moments to meet and exchange business cards.


Meet educators. After taking a class or watching a demonstration, be sure to say hello to the educator and exchange cards. When recommending products to clients, having the ability to reach out to an educator with product-related questions could make life easier.


Meet other attendees. When networking at a tradeshow, aim to meet someone who can help with career growth. Always stay open to possibilities and, at the very least, create new connections to discuss current trends in the industry.





No one knows everything. There is a vast amount of information in the industry. Brands are doing research and development every day. New products and equipment are hitting the market on a regular basis. There is so much to learn.


Remain teachable. Keep an open mind. Show up to classes with an excitement for learning. Allow others to offer information and respect the process of learning. Remain humble. Do not mistake humility for a lack of confidence. It takes confidence to be a successful skin care professional. Years of experience or a few advanced certifications can help foster confidence, aiding in the pursuit of success.


Take classes from current vendors. This is a great opportunity to develop more knowledge on products and equipment currently being used. When sitting in on classes offered by a current vendor, take the opportunity to ask questions, get to know the educator, and see how other skin care professionals are using the products or services.


Take classes from current vendors’ competitors. The more informed professionals are about the industry as a whole, the greater their confidence will be when selling to clients. Clients will trust professionals more when they realize they have knowledge about brands other than the ones they carry.


Take business-building classes. At the end of the day, skin care professionals are here to make money! Focus on classes that teach about how to earn as much money as possible. Be educated on how to sell treatments and products.


Sit in on live demonstrations on the show floor. Many vendors will offer live demonstrations at their booth. It is a great opportunity to learn a new treatment and see products being used. These are usually small groups of professionals; so, questions can be asked while the educator is performing the demonstration.


Growing in a profession takes commitment. Attending tradeshows requires a lot of resources on the professional’s part: the time away from work, family, and friends, along with the cost of attending and travel expenses. Attending a tradeshow is a huge commitment. It is important to maximize time at the show to get the highest return
on investment.



BusinessBreakdownMarch2018Barry Eichner is the co-editor in chief of Lipgloss + Aftershave, a personal care and lifestyle review site offering fun and informative reviews. Eichner began his spa career in 2000, working as vice-president for a chain of medical spas. He has been an industry consultant since 2011, specializing in digital media strategy and content creation. He writes for national spa trade publications, and is a published editorial photographer and a speaker at various spa industry trade shows. Eichner is a graduate of Bloomsburg University. He loves art and photography, is an avid fitness enthusiast, loves to cook, and is a self-proclaimed coffee addict!

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