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Sanitation Station: Devices for the Treatment Room

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Skin care professionals are trained in proper sanitation and cleanliness protocols in school, and following those standards is part of everyday routines when taking clients and setting up spaces. While the guidelines set by the state board are a great starting point, providing clean conditions has become more complicated due to the current events of the world. With viruses and even the common cold becoming harder to detect and stay away from, it seems clearer more than ever that additions to these existing protocols are needed. Clients and professionals alike are looking for ways to easily and effectively keep themselves and each other as safe as possible. As a result, upping standards in the treatment room can be the difference between an unsure client who is not booking a service and a client feeling confident that their health and safety is the number one priority of their skin care professional. There are many sanitation devices that can easily be added into the day-to-day protocols that make this difference.

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