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A Subject to Distinguish: Marketing Versus Science

Written by   Catherine Atzen, MBA, CIDESCO, product developer ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care

Clients and professionals alike are exposed to powerful marketing machines to influence their purchasing decisions. Science is based on evidence, objective observation, measurement, and verifiable data. Scientists speak in a language that is science-based and free of marketing messaging.

Marketing looks for patterns in the market and in customer behaviors to develop a marketing strategy to sell a company’s products. It uses analytical data as well as information provided by various sources. Interactions with prospective aestheticians and end users determine market needs and opportunities. Scientists then gather information on the products a company wants to sell to determine if those products align with market demand. A product marketing expert may look for scientific data about the products to be marketed, so they can communicate why a product fits clients’ needs and aspirations. Yet, the marketing messaging is designed to be more attractive and understandable when compared to scientists’ dry explanations.

On the other side of the coin, marketers are often accused of misleading clients by exaggerating the scientific benefits of a product to sell more, which takes sales away for equally good or better products offered by other brands. Data supports that marketing budgets sell products, even mediocre ones.

Companies in leadership positions deploy considerable budgets to sell their products using different types of messages. For example, science-based messages intend to gain the trust of those who want result-oriented skin care products that are safe for one’s health and the environment.

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Catherine AtzenCatherine Atzen was named a Legend by DERMASCOPE Magazine in June 2016 for her contributions to the industry. She is recognized for coining the term “day spa” and setting its standards. A talented product developer, she formulated ATZEN Superior to Organic Skin Care that combines organic and cosmeceutical ingredients like organic plants, INTACT DNA, and peptides, and contains no hormone disruptors and no carcinogens. She also developed the LymphMed device for lymphatic drainage massages. Atzen holds an MBA from University of California, Berkeley, California, an MBA from Columbia University, New York, and a CIDESCO diploma. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or atzen.com


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