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Mentors, Mentees, and & Mentorship – What you need to know!

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This article will cover the benefits of having a mentor and how it can positively impact a business. What qualities should you look for in a mentor? How to become a good mentee.  How do you know when you are ready to find a mentor?  How to go about seeking the right mentor. And finally, how to make the mentor/mentee relationship work to yield the most fruit. Let’s first define mentor, mentee, and mentorship.


A mentor is a wise and trusted counselor or teacher. Mentors are generally freely giving of time and advice and genuinely want to help people succeed.


A mentee is a person who is counseled or trained by a mentor, this individual is seeking guidance, support, encouragement, and wisdom in hopes of attaining personal or business growth.


Mentorship is generally defined as a trusting relationship between a young person and an older (but not always), more experienced, non-parental figure who provides guidance, support, and encouragement.


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Michele Corley is the founder and president of Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care, a nationally distributed professional use only skin care line based in Napa, California. Corley holds a bachelor’s degree in business from Georgia Southern University, is a licensed aesthetician, and completed advanced cosmetic chemistry at UCLA. Prior to founding and launching Michele Corley Clinical Skin Care, she earned multiple sales awards while working for a leading skin care contract manufacturer and ranked as a top sales and marketing professional. Corley’s mission is simple, provide aestheticians with clean, efficacious products and back it up with exceptional customer service.

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