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Nurturing Clients During the Crisis

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Nurturing client relationships is more important now than ever due to the  COVID-19 crisis. To maintain these relationships, skin care professionals must find a meaningful and unique way to foster these connections and keep their clients captivated. This is easier said than done but do not worry, there are new ways to connect to clients virtually. The million-dollar question every aesthetician is asking is, How can we ensure our client’s continued progress when we cannot physically treat them in the spa?


The number one thing aestheticians need to be concerned about during this time away from their clients is making sure they are not falling off the wagon and picking up bad skin care habits. During these hard times, it may be difficult to sell to clients due to the fear of being pushy or insensitive.  This mindset should not stop a skin care professional from servicing clients to their full ability. If clients are not purchasing products from the spa,  rest assured, they are getting it somewhere else. If skin care professionals are not giving their professional recommendations to clients, then they are doing them a disservice and leading them to a third-party seller such as Amazon. The sales of skin care on Amazon is six times higher than usual due to COVID-19. Clients are still spending money on luxury items, such as skin care, because it appeals to their emotions and makes them feel good. As most skin care professionals already know, skin care is a feel-good service, and luckily everyone is trying to find something to make them happy and spark joy during this stressful time.


Another impactful practice a skin care professional can utilize during their time away from work is to educate clients and help them instill good skin care habits from home. This is the perfect time to hone in on one’s expertise and teach clients about all of the products and treatments the spa offers. There are so many ways to utilize social media to stay connected with clients and keep them captivated. Consider conducting a fun Q&A skin care quiz on Instagram Stories or creating a live video to interact with clients and bring brand awareness.


Fostering client relations during this time is essential and can create a stronger bond. Skin care professionals should not hesitate to check in or reach out to their clients. Showing clients they are cared about more than just as a client speaks volumes. The most important thing to do as skin care providers is to make clients feel loved and cared for during this time of uncertainty.

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