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How to Effectively Rebook Clients

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If you are not rebooking each client after their service you are not only doing yourself a disservice, but your client as well. I often hear other providers saying they feel uncomfortable or pushy when asking clients if they’d like to rebook for the following month. Most providers assume if the client wants to rebook that they will do so themselves, this is not always the case. Our clients rely on us for our professional opinion and expertise. It is our obligation as their skin care provider to create a treatment plan and pathway for them to reach their goal. If you are not rebooking your client after each appointment, I can promise you they are thinking, you don’t want them or value them as a client or that you flat out just don’t care. You don’t know what to do next or they think you don’t have a pressing need to continue treatment.



When it comes to rebooking clients, there are several effective practices I use. During the client consultation, I ask my client what it is that they dislike the most about their skin. I then create a detailed treatment pathway or what I like to call my plan of action to help them obtain their skin goals. I always discuss my plan of action, so that my client is aware of my intentions from our very first encounter and rescheduling after each appointment is a no brainer.


Another effective practice I use to increase the likelihood of my client rescheduling is talking about my game plan for their next treatment during their service. This is a wonderful way to paint a picture of the next treatment in your client’s head and get them motivated. This is personally my favorite technique to getting clients to rebook. Not only will talking about next month’s service during their current treatment entice them to rebook, but it also gives you an opportunity to educate them on the benefits of it.


Finally, my most effective tip for rebooking clients is to tell them – don’t ask. I do this every single time I rebook a client. I never ask them if they would like to rebook for next month or give them the option to reschedule with me. I simply say, “I’m going to book you four weeks out for your next treatment, what day(s) work best for you typically?” I have yet to have someone tell me no. Yes, I know, this takes a lot of confidence. but it speaks volumes to your client when you know what you want to do with their skin and act. Don’t forget that you are in charge – you are the professional.



 When it comes to following up with clients, I always send out “thank you” e-mails 48 hours after their scheduled appointment. Sending out a simple “thank you” e-mail is an easy way to show your clients you appreciate them and casually remind them to rebook with you next month. I will also reach out to my clients who have received more invasive treatments or require more attention either 48 hours or two weeks after their treatments (depending on what type of treatment they had done). Following up with your clients is imperative to a healthy client relationship and it increases client retention. This also shows them that you truly care for them and value them as a client. There are many talented and skilled skin care professionals in this industry, but what can make you stand out is your unmatched client care and interpersonal skills. Not everyone has the personality to be able to deal with clients effectively and build strong interpersonal relationships. I personally follow up with my acne bootcamp clients bi-weekly to make sure everything is going well with their homecare and to check in on their skin’s progress. I truly believe following up with clients increases their desire to rebook and reschedule with me time and time again.



Another way to increase your client’s desire to rebook is by educating them. Education is the foundation of a successful client and provider relationship. I firmly believe the more your clients know and understand about their skin care products and treatments, the more willing and likely they are to do it. I educate my clients on every treatment I perform on them and every single product they go home with.


The most important tip to successfully rescheduling and rebooking clients is to educate and communicate with them, set goals, and create a plan of action. Be sure your clients are thoroughly aware of your treatment plan and are fully educated on the all of the services and products you recommend for them. Remember to always discuss their next service during their treatment and to rebook them before they leave. Most importantly, always follow up with your clients and make sure they know you care about them.



Savanna Boda





Savanna Boda is a licensed medical aesthetician, laser technician, and advanced permanent makeup artist in Dallas, Texas. She specializes in corrective skin care and microblading.

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