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Sun Damage Repair

Written by Louis Silberman
As Jack Frost nips at our noses, it is a common tradition for families to escape to higher elevations for vacations in the snowy landscape. Unfortunately, with temperatures dropping and swim suit weather long gone, it is easy to forget about the dangers of sun exposure and importance of wearing sunscreen. What most people do not know is that UV rays during the winter are…
When the drug review began over 30 years ago, the focus was predominantly on UVB protection or sunburn protection. The recommendation was skin that was unprotected would cause skin cancer and premature aging. So, chemist began formulating sun blocks and sunscreens that touted an SPF (sun protection factor) claiming that by applying these solutions one could stay engaged in outdoor activities longer without damaging the…

Understanding Sun Protection

Written by Lynda Valdez
We are all visual people, especially when it comes to our appearance and how our skin looks. Even though recent studies show that the number of diagnosed skin cancer cases each year continues to increase, a lot of people think first about the outside cosmetic effects of tanning and sun exposure. Regardless, we all must understand that proper sun care is key for our skin…
The human organism is constantly exposed to environmental assaults and the most important protective functions are provided by the skin. Chief among the diverse environmental agents, the skin must protect against is the ultraviolet radiation emitted from the sun. Photodamage, the general term referring to the toxicity associated with the cumulative effects of overexposure to UV radiation, is a broad and multifaceted issue. Beginning with…

Spot On

Written by Howard Murad, Peter Pugliese, Michelle D'Allaird
It is that time again… time to cover sun care. What, you might ask, could possibly be said that is new and innovative on this topic? Truthfully, most of the information has all been written before. However, like a good book or a favorite movie every time you read it or watch it you pick up on something new. Maybe it’s a scene that you’ve…

December 2021

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