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Body Scrub Breakdown: Harsh Ingredients to Avoid

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When it comes to body care, there are a plethora of options to choose from. Whether you are in the market for natural, synthetic, or a mixture of both, there are ingredients that should be avoided to maintain the integrity of clients’ skin. There are many chemical compounds that make up body care. Common ingredients can be broken down into categories, both natural and synthetic. There are natural and synthetic actives to avoid or use in small quantities to achieve smooth, supple, and hydrated skin that professionals and their clients are looking for.

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Ashley DeckardAshley Deckard has been a licensed, practicing aesthetician in sunny Denver, Colorado since 2013. While gaining experience in the industry, she realized there was something special about holistic skin care treatments. Deckard’s love of working with the body’s natural intelligence to heal itself led her to working with CBD. Education is at the heart of what she does; the last five years of her career have been dedicated to developing future industry professionals. Her passion lies in providing space for individuals to unwind, renew, and tune in. In addition to her practice, Deckard is the assistant director of education for Color Up CBD.

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