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Extraction/Desincrustation Treatment by Mark Lees

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Mark Lees Skincare

Extraction/Desincrustation Treatment

1. Cleanse:

Cleanse face thoroughly with Lait Clarifiante Deep Cleansing Formula on wet sponges.


2. Desincrustation:

Apply Desin-Gel Desincrustation Pre-Masque to clogged areas with a brush. Do not use on eye areas. Allow to sit eight minutes.

3. Steam:

You may steam at a distance of about 18 inches for two minutes prior to Desin-Gel application, and during the sitting time.


4. Galvanic Treatment:

If galvanic is applied, apply directly over the Desin-Gel using a negative active electrode.

5. Extraction:

Proceed with extraction in normal manner, not to exceed seven minutes. After extraction, apply Tonique Clarifiante Hydrating Toner to lower pH.

6. Prevent

Post-Extraction Breakouts: Apply Serum Antigrasses Special Post-Extraction Treatment using a dropper to all areas that have been extracted, or where enlarged pores are present. This product helps to soothe the skin after extraction, helping to prevent follicular inflammation that can lead to post-facial pimples. Apply high frequency over gauze. It is suggested to follow the dropper with the mushroom electrode of the high frequency unit, as the serum is being applied. This is all performed over gauze.

7. Hydration Massage:

Apply Hydrafluide Hydrating Formula to skin and perform massage. There is no need to remove this product – it is both a massage fluid and a hydration fluid. This step may be skipped if skin is excessively oily or acne is flared or many blemishes are present.

8. Mask:

Apply Masque Clarifiante Deep Cleansing Masque to all clogged or oily areas. Allow to dry 10 to 15 minutes. Remove with wet cotton compress mask and sponges or soft cloths. Re-tone with spray or application of Tonique after removal. Apply Strataguard Daily Hydrating Sunscreen to entire face.

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