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Cell Science® Chocolate Power Skin Rescue Treatment by Glymed

Cell Science® Chocolate Power Skin Rescue TreatmentWith Resveratrol, Acai Berry and Theobroma Cacao Extract & Seed Butter

Immediately Resuscitate aging skin and erase the appearance of 10 years or more with the powerful anti-aging chocolate treatment hailed as the “NEW BOTOX™”! This incredible treatment not only works on the pleasurable receptors of the brain with its decadent intoxicating chocolate aroma, it also incorporates an intense antioxidant trio of powerful macrobiotic sciences that instantaneously tones, tightens and unveils a dramatically smoother and wrinkle-defying skin…guaranteed! A minimum of six treatments is recommended and follow-up maintenance treatments are suggested. Skin should always be managed using GlyMed Plus® Professional Only Skin Care.

Step 1
Begin with WRx™ PROFESSIONAL PEPTIDE ACTIVATOR hydrophilic cleanser using effleurage strokes to remove all makeup and dermal debris from the surface of the skin. Massage for two minutes. Remove cleanser with a warm/tepid (avoid HOT water) wet facial cloth followed with damp cotton pads to remove excess cleanser. Rinse with a misting of AGE MANAGEMENT SKIN CARE SYSTEM SKIN RECOVERY MIST.




Step 2
Apply AGE MANAGEMENT SKIN CARE SYSTEM GENTLE FACIAL WASH to eliminate water-soluble pollutants. Remove cleanser with a warm/tepid wet facial cloth followed with damp cotton pads to do away with excess cleanser. Rinse skin with SKIN RECOVERY MIST. Saturate a clean cotton pad with GLYMED PLUS® LACTIC ACTION PRE-TREATMENT LOTION and apply evenly over the skin.




Step 3
Pour two tablespoons of GLYMED PLUS® CHOCOLATE POWER SKIN RESCUE PEEL into a small dish and with gloved fingers, apply evenly over facial “wrinkle zones” first, followed with a second application over the entire face including the décolleté and back of hands. Massage CHOCOLATE PEEL into “wrinkle zones” for up to 1 minute then leave on skin for 3 - 5 minutes total, or until erythema develops in the cheek region. On SOC skin, allow to remain on skin for up to 3 minutes. To remove, neutralize with cool water and thoroughly flush all traces of CHOCOLATE PEEL from the skin.



Step 4
Apply the following liberally: Squeeze two or more tablespoons of CELL SCIENCE® CHOCOLATE POWER SKIN RESCUE MASQUE into your palm and apply to face, back of hands, lips, neck and décolleté. Leave on skin up to 10 minutes. While masque is on, exfoliate LIPS ONLY with a soft tooth brush, lift any dead skin, followed with masque removal from the face, neck, décolleté, lips and the hands last. Remove masque with wet, warm facial cloths.




Step 5
Pump WRx™ PC 10 AMINO ACID Injecta-ceutical™ COMPLEX into palm of hand and apply to all treated areas. This barrier repair serum acts as a natural surrogate to open and replenish cellular pathways critical for optimal regeneration of the SC (stratum corneum). Massage thoroughly into skin. Apply CELL SCIENCE® LIP SCIENCE to the freshly exfoliated lips. Massage into the membrane the mega-replenishment ingredients to plump, hydrate and nourish the lips.




Step 6
In the palm of your hand pump 2 - 4 drops of CELL SCIENCE® CELL PROTECTION SERUM and 1/2 tablespoon of CELL SCIENCE® ULTRA HYDRO GEL. Mix together then apply to the skin and massage until this epidermal nourishment disappears into the SC.





Step 7
Apply a liberal application of AGE MANAGEMENT SKIN CARE SYSTEM INTENSE PEPTIDE SKIN RECOVERY COMPLEX, a powerful Injecta-ceutical™ cream containing 5 powerful amino acid complexes that together carry instructions to promote renewal of Extracellular Matrix (ECM) proteins (Collagen, Elastin, Fibronectin), allowing the skin to fight against aging. Massage this “Peptide Infusion” into the skin until the cream begins to disappear.




Step 8
Follow the “Peptide Infusion” massage with an application of CELL SCIENCE® CELL RECOVERY BALM to establish a micro thin epithelial barrier to promote healthy cellular homeostasis. Always ensure skin is protected from UVR insult using AGE MANAGEMENT SKIN CARE SYSTEM PHOTO-AGE ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION GEL 30+.





Advanced Rejuvenating Concepts galvanic eye and lip treatment is a great service addition for most all skin types. If you prefer, the galvanic pen not only makes an economical tool for aestheticians, but can be a profitable retail item as well.

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