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What's Your Recipe for Making Your Spa or Treatment Room Inviting to Guests?

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Smell the sweet aromas of a custom blend infusion of peppermint and lavender essential oils filtering throughout the room. Hear soothing songs of meadowlarks singing in the morning, wind sweeping across a prairie, wheatgrass swaying from side-to-side, melodies of nature captured for the ears to hear. Dimly lit candles flickering on the countertop, fresh white linen draped perfectly across the table, colorful Hawaiian boutique accenting the division of realism and escapism for what your eyes want to see. Feel the warm abiding embrace of a nurturing, kind and gentle soul that lies within you. Then, taste on your palate the herbs enriching your body from the organic tea you just consumed while waiting for this moment of therapeutic bliss.

Upon entering a spa or treatment room, all the senses should be awakened. Every nerve, every fiber that exists anatomically should receive an internal electric rouse. I have found that once your mind can find solace, then your spirit finds comfort and your body becomes relieved. Guests should always receive the reassurance that their invitation to my treatment room is one founded on peace, love and genuine compassion. The most important ingredient to any spa or treatment room is the homeostasis of a guest’s body, mind and spirit collectively uniting as one the moment their foot leaves “life” at the door to enter a temporary tranquility in hopes of lingering longer within them.

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