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Incorporating Wellness in the Treatment Room

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The industry is experiencing some unique times, unlike any thathave been encountered. Professionals have all had to deal with minor to major changes in business and in their personal lives. They have faced the challenge of finding ways to encourage clients to come back and let them know that the spa and services are safe and healthy. And once clients come in, how can skin care professionals encourage wellness into the services that will benefit to their clients?

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This space of time that people have all found themselves in can be a time of gifts and gracesIt’s the perfect time to hone skills, learn some new ones, and clean up their act.I’m sure skin care professionals have already added in their new sanitation measures, additional personal protective equipment, and adjusted services to meet the states current requirements.But what about also adding in some wellness practices, and what are the benefits of that?

Lets look at the definition of wellnessWellness is defined by the Oxford dictionary as,thestate of being in good health as an actively pursued goal.” That means peoplemust consciously focus on each aspect of wellness for a human being and purposefully add it into their lives.The focus should cover all aspects of the body, mind, and spirit.If done correctly, people can strengthen and boost their whole being – spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, environmentally, socially, and professionally.Here are some ideas to add a dose of wellness to a current spa


Body breathing is inexpensive, easy, and very beneficial.What can breathe exercises do for the client?Science says it decreases stress and increases calm.It can relieve pain, stimulate the lymphatic, improve the immune system, increase energy, improve digestion, and supportposture. How can you add this into your treatment room?


Spas could offer some stretching, yoga, or dance before or after the service.This again, will benefit the client by reducing stress and strengthening the body.Offer stretching before clients get on the facial table and then again when they get up. Have handouts (work out a discount for referrals) to local exercise locations. Network with the client for cross marketing with each otherNetwork with a local nutritionist or health coach that can work with clients


Offer a variety of skincare products for face and body that are healthy, clean, and safe.Know what’s in the products and be able to tell clients why you carry them. Offer educational workshops on ingredients and safe choices for personal care products.


Start the service with breath work followed by some quiet time with guided meditation.Make the service the quiet time and run a meditation session whileworking.Share a healthy ritual that clients can do every day that will incorporate gratitude. Give positive aspiration cards to clients that will inspire and encourage them.


With good touch and communication, you can stay connected to clients in a real way that is invaluable (especiallyright now). People are social and need each otherso stay connected. The touch that is offered during services done in the right way (being present and with intention) can healCheck in and reach out with a phone call to clients that you have not seen in awhileE-mail and send a weekly or bi-weekly e-mail out with inspiration and encouragement.

In these simple and easy steps, you can be a role model by adding in some wellness, making the service unique and beneficial to you and your clients.



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Becky Kuehn is founder of Oncology Spa Solutions, author of Life Changing Esthetics, and a licensed master aesthetician, cosmetologist, holistic cancer educator, and hope coach. Her journey started at the age of 18 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had already lost friends and family members to cancer, so she was very familiar with the chaos and trauma associated with diagnosis and loss. As a cancer survivor for over three decades, she has made it her mission to discover and develop ways to turn around the devastating side effects of cancer treatments and return quality of life to those in need. Kuehn is the founder and owner of Oncology Spa Solutions, now the leading oncology training for spa, salon, and medical professionals. She is the author of “Life Changing Esthetics,” and a contributing author in the “Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics” Vol I and II. She has been part of the expert judge panel for The Skin Games’ Holistic, Compassionate, and Compromised skin categories. And, she provides advice and education articles for newspapers and leading industry magazines and is an invited speaker for oncology training at conventions.

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