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The Benefits of Self-Care in the Face of Chaos or Tragedy

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The topics for these monthly articles were set last year, before COVID-19. After having lived in, or through a pandemic the world is in a bit of chaos, uncertainty, and for some, tragedy.

For months now there has been talks about the importance of self-care for healthy people. However, amidst chaos and tragedy, does something need to be done differently? Self-care is needed even more right now. Additional focus is required, and an increased amount of self-care, structure, and routine helps in serving others to keep the body, mind, and soul healthy and moving forward.

Many aestheticians have reached out and asked if they need to do a different kind of self-care. It’s somewhat the same but a little different. It is important to look at self-care tips for times like these.


Practitioners need to plan their self-care to fit their days and life. Having structure and focus by doing some of the normal things that used to be a part of life is a very important factor. When things change in a big way, it can be damaging to the spirit. If a break is needed, it should be taken. However, after that rest, it is important to get moving and get back to living. It is key to get up and get dressed each day, even if there is no place to go. Be sure to plan some self-care activities for each day. Some ideas for these activities include walking out in nature with the fresh breeze blowing on your face, practicing yoga, reading, napping, or eating ice cream. These activities include whatever makes an individual feel healthier, smarter, or happier.


Pay attention to how the body feels each day. What does the body, mind, and spirit need today? During this quieter time, it is important to learn to ask these questions.


To nurture means to care for one’s self to encourage growth and development. For me, it’s reading a great book or learning something new.


This is a perfect time to develop new goals, ideas, and habits. This break has a lot of people looking at their life in a new way. They are making new plans and goals for their life in the future.


Self-care can give you the power to make change. Take this time of solitude to become stronger, confident, and in control of life.


Mindfulness and meditation are some of the best, purest forms of self-care. Make time each day to be quiet and still. Science shows that this practice of self-care has endless benefits. Neuroplasticity is one of them; it is the ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections. The results include increased creativity, better memory, enhanced cognitive abilities, and more effective learning.


Through heat and a hammer, iron is forged (molded, made, or shaped) into something beautiful and useful. During this challenging time of life, people are forged and changed into something new and exciting.


Stay in contact with friends, loved ones, and clients. This is a great time to care for others. Come up with unique ways to stay connected while living socially distanced from one another. Caring and serving others is a fantastic form of self-care; it is easy to do and is also fabulous for the spirit. Here is one of my favorite quotes from Martin Luther King, “Anyone can be great, because anyone can serve.”

The following are a few ideas of how to care and serve others: order dinner to be delivered to someone that cannot go or get out, send or deliver baked goods, ask if an elderly person or family in the neighborhood needs help with lawn, laundry, or groceries, and so on. It is essential to stay strong by taking good care of yourself and those in your life and community.



Becky Kuehn



Becky Kuehn is founder of Oncology Spa Solutions, author of Life Changing Esthetics, and a licensed master aesthetician, cosmetologist, holistic cancer educator, and hope coach. Her journey started at the age of 18 when she was diagnosed with cancer. She had already lost friends and family members to cancer, so she was very familiar with the chaos and trauma associated with diagnosis and loss. As a cancer survivor for over three decades, she has made it her mission to discover and develop ways to turn around the devastating side effects of cancer treatments and return quality of life to those in need. Kuehn is the founder and owner of Oncology Spa Solutions, now the leading oncology training for spa, salon, and medical professionals. She is the author of “Life Changing Esthetics,” and a contributing author in the “Estheticians Guide to Outstanding Esthetics” Vol I and II. She has been part of the expert judge panel for The Skin Games’ Holistic, Compassionate, and Compromised skin categories. And, she provides advice and education articles for newspapers and leading industry magazines and is an invited speaker for oncology training at conventions.


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