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No Matter What You have Heard, Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives - June 2010

colon cancer
No Matter What You have Heard,
Colon Cancer Screening Saves Lives

by Carlisa Dorsey

The past year has been filled with news questioning the effectiveness of cancer screenings; here is something everyone needs to know: Colon cancer screening can detect the disease early and save lives. The American Cancer Society wants to emphasize that regularly scheduled colon cancer screening starting at age 50 can save lives and help create a world with less cancer and more birthdays.

Colon cancer is one of only two cancers (the other is cervical cancer) that can be prevented through screening. Precancerous cells called polyps can be removed before they turn cancerous. Screening can also improve survival rates dramatically – colon cancer’s five year survival rate is 90 percent when found early. However, because only about half of Americans get regular screening, only four in 10 cases are diagnosed at the early stage. Thanks to better screening and improvements in early detection and treatment, colon cancer death rates have declined in both men and women over the past two decades.

A 2009 American Cancer Society study found that long term smoking (smoking for 40 or more years) increases colon cancer risk by 30 to 50 percent. But, smokers who quit smoking can begin to reduce their risk.
The Society also recommends engaging in moderate activity for at least 30 minutes on five or more days per week, limiting consumption of red and processed meat, and following a healthy diet rich in plant sources and whole grains, including five or more servings of fruits and vegetables per day can also reduce the risk for colon cancer.

Facts about colon cancer:
-In 2009, it was estimated that 146,970 Americans would be diagnosed with colon cancer.
-In 2009, it was estimated that 49,920 Americans would die from colon cancer.
-Colon cancer is the third most common cancer and cause of cancer death in the U.S. in both men and in women.
-African Americans have the highest incidence rate and death rate from colon cancer of any racial or ethnic group in the U.S.
-Colon cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Hispanic men and women. It is also the second leading cause of cancer death among Hispanic men and third leading cause among Hispanic women.

For more information on the American Cancer Society’s recommended colon cancer screening guidelines, please visit cancer.org/colon or call 800-227-2345.

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Once Forbidden, now revered - June 2010

Apples healthy potentialOnce forbidden, now revered

by Rhonda Allison,
Founder/CEO of Rhonda Allison® Clinical Research for Skin

At one time apples were considered the forbidden fruit, but now they are relished as a healthful source of polyphenols and rich antioxidants. Research has shown apples to help reduce the risk of certain types of cancer and heart disease, control cholesterol, maintain healthy weight, and deliver antioxidant compounds to the body. If apples are this good for the body, what can they do for the skin?

Apple (Malus Domestica) in skin care is both a time-tested ingredient as well as cutting edge, because of the advancements being made with the fruit. It has long been used as a protector from oxidative stress, for skin lightening, and as a peeling agent, in the form of malic acid (L), for its exfoliation, skin smoothing, and cellular renewal properties.

Since apple, or malic acid, is slightly gentler, it allows the aesthetician to control the level of peeling – mild to mid-depth – depending on layers and preparations used. It works by digesting surface cells to soften skin then infuses it with antioxidants and hydration, leaving the skin firmed and toned.

Benefits at the core
More recent advancements have turned researchers on to apple stem cells. Having used the malus extract to enhance skin care formulas for more than 20 years, I saw the potential in apple stems cells, and began watching the development unfold and incorporating the ingredient into various formulas.

In contrast to human stem cells, plant stems cells are totipotent, which means every cell has the ability to regenerate, be it a leaf, flower, stem, or the entire plant. When a plant suffers a wound, the surrounding cells will revert back to stem cells to form callus cells. Following the healing phase, cells return to their original state and begin building new tissue. This is where the technology behind apple stems cells lies – plant cells replicate their protective and healing ability to promote longevity in human cells.

This process is particularly beneficial to human cells as the body ages and cell proliferation slows. Human stem cells are continually making identical copies of themselves, and separating to form specialized cells, but growth slows significantly and longevity is reduced with age. The stem cells are rich in epigenetic factors and metabolites, which further promote the perpetuation and vitality of skin cells.

An apple a day
It is also important to note that epidermal stem cells die after a certain number of divisions, and the process of self-renewal is a slow one. This is significant because stem cell loss is more destructive to skin tissues than loss of differentiated cells, and is a major contributor to tissue aging. In studies, apple stem cells significantly reduced the visible signs of aging, shrinking wrinkle depth.

The ingredient has now found its way into other personal care products like body lotions and hair care. Researchers recently discovered that the ingredient not only protects from UV damage, but has also shown promise in hair care. Similar to the skin, it targets the cell to delay hair follicle aging, preventing hair loss and graying.

As research continues, uses for apple will continue to proliferate, just as the cells that make up this amazing fruit. Keep a close eye on this cutting-edge ingredient as new discoveries into its abilities and benefits continue to be revealed.

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Stretch Marks - June 2010

Stretch MarksStretch Marks

by Marlene Katz

According to the book Stretch Marks, From Their Clinical Aspects to Their Treatment, written by Dr. Nina Roos and Dr. Anny Cohen-Letessier, stretch marks are extremely common and develop before the age of 50. They affect more than 40 to 50 percent of the young population, mainly Caucasians, essentially female (60 to 80 percent women compared to 10 to 30 percent men.). They mainly develop during puberty, with a variable overall incidence depending on the series: from 25 to 35 percent up to 70 percent of girls and 40 percent of boys. Concerning pregnant women, according to the authors, 50 to 90 percent of primiparae will develop stretch marks as of the 6th month of pregnancy on the stomach, the breast, or hips. Copyright© PR Newswire United Business Media

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Four Tips to Get More Skin Care Customers from Google - June 2010

Computer Image

Four Tips To Get More
Skin Care Customers
from Google

by Paul Matthew

1. Provide Google with pages of industry relevant text: If Google were a spider that crawls the Internet, then the words on your website are the strands its eight cyber-legs crawl upon and memorize. The more pages of text you provide, the more you increase the chances that someone searching on Google will be shown your website in their search.

2. Quickly tell Google what your webpage is all about: Every webpage has a "Title Tag." One sentence of text displayed at the very top of your computer screen. An example is if you log onto WallStreetJournal.com, at the top of your screen you will see the text "Business News & Financial News - The Wall Street Journal" It is a great title tag as it answers the "what will you find on this webpage?" question. Make each of your title tags unique to their page.

3. Exchange links with skin care related sites for higher Google ranking: This is a hard process to do. You have to find relevant websites to trade links with, then you must contact them, and then you have to put their link on your site and vice versa. It is very time consuming. Which is exactly why Google gives you a higher ranking because they know it is not easy!

4. Tell potential customers what you want them to do on every page of your website: It is amazing how much people respond when they are told what to do. Generally for skin care practitioners, you want people to schedule an appointment. Encourage this by making sure that every single page of your web site has your contact information prominently displayed. Also, include a motivating personalized call to action on the page, like "Contact us today for beautiful skin at 555-555-5555."

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Eat Your Water - June 2010

Eat Your Water

Howard Murad, M.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine at UCLA and founder of Murad, Inc., is encouraging everyone to “eat their water.”
According to a report released by the California Department of Conservation in 2009, billions of empty water bottles are causing serious environmental problems, with more than one billion water bottles winding up in the trash annually in California alone. Instead of seeking hydration from plastic bottles, Murad suggests eating foods that are rich in structured water, such as raw fruits eat your waterand vegetables, that not only help the body hold on to water longer, but provide the added boost of important antioxidants, fiber, and other nutrients. By sticking to a water-rich food diet, one will actually end up eating most of the water they need each day to stay hydrated, while helping the environment in return.
“As the world continues to evolve, so must our philosophies and ways of living. A focus on protecting the earth must include examining the way we drink and eat,” said Murad. “The simple act of putting down a bottle of water and picking up an apple or bunch of grapes will lead to a healthier sense of self and a healthier planet.”
As water bottles fill landfill space, increase air pollution, and further destroy the ozone layer, Murad suggests everyone take steps to improve hydration and general health of the entire body by tending to the health of cells. The Science of Cellular Water™ looks at the ability of cell membranes to hold water as the fundamental marker of youthful good health. Murad has conducted extensive scientific studies confirming that cellular health can be promoted and protected internally, externally, and by managing stress – the three prongs of his Inclusive Health approach to optimal living.
When cell health is optimized, cells use water more efficiently and the body’s systems function better overall. And there is no scientific evidence to prove the common notion that eight, eight ounce bottles of water per day are essential to maintaining an optimal level of hydration. Eating your water will not only increase cellular hydration but decrease your carbon footprint.
Harris Shepard Public Relations, Inc.

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Skin Fact - June 2010

skin factThe color of skin depends primarily on a pigment called melanin. It is also influenced by the blood flow through the skin. Melanin is a pigment produced by special cells called melanocytes that manufacture packets of melanin called melanosomes and transfer them to the skin cells of the epidermis the keratinocytes. In white people the darkest area is the upper thigh and the lower back is the lightest. In black people the abdomen is the darkest.
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Yum Gourmet Skin Care's Cranberry Mango Enriching Facial Treatment

Yüm Gourmet Skin Care’s Cranberry Mango Enriching Facial Treatment

A rich pampering aromatic facial for any skin type that requires extra moisturizing with an estimated service time of 60 to 80 minutes.

Products Required:
• ½ ounce dried pureed cranberries mixed with 1 ounce
Banana Leaf Enzyme Exfoliant (it is best to puree a bag
of dried cranberries in a blender and store in the
refrigerator for future use).
• ½ ounce dried pureed cranberries mixed with
1 ounce Nori Mango Butter Masque. Warm mixture
before applying.
• 1 to 2 drops rosewater essential oil added to bowl of
warm water.
• 2 rose petals.

>> STEP 1
Remove eye makeup with Spring Water Makeup Remover applied to cotton pad.

>> STEP 2
Wet hands and cleanse the face, neck and décolleté with the Oatmeal Apricot Crème Cleanser.

>> STEP 3
Tone with Pomegranate Toner applied to cotton pad.

>> STEP 4
Apply a thin layer of the Banana Leaf Enzyme Exfoliant and pureed cranberry mixture to the face and neck. Cover eyes with cotton pad and gently steam the face for five to seven minutes. Then gently rotate fingers over face and neck to loosen dead skin cells and thoroughly remove product with warm wet towel.

>> STEP 5
Using massage cream or oil for face and body and appropriate facial treatment oil applied to palms and fingertips, perform swedish massage. Remove excess residue with warm rosewater mixture and towel.

>> STEP 6
Apply Nori Mango Butter Masque and pureed cranberry mixture to the face and neck. Cover eyes with rose petals and leave on for 10 to 15 minutes. Perform hand/arm and scalp massage. Remove thoroughly with warm rosewater mixture and towel.

>> STEP 7
Tone with Pomegranate Toner applied to cotton pad.

>> STEP 8
Apply one or two drops of Intensive C Concentrate to forehead, cheeks and chin area and gently tap in with fingertips. Continue using fingertips, gently apply a small amount of 23 Karat Intensive Eye Treatment to eye contours and moisturize with Cranberry Crème Moisturizer.

For more information please contact Yüm Gourmet Skin Care at 877-YUM-LINE, www.yumskincare.com, or CRR#233.
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Eviron Skin Care's Roll Away the Years Treatment

Environ Skin Care’s Roll Away the Years Treatment

Environs skin care's roll away the years treatment

An extraordinary treatment, which can be done alone or in a series of six, gradually increases the concentration and penetration of professional, medical grade anti-aging ingredients to increase hydration, assist in production of collagen and elastin, decrease pigmentation, and plump up wrinkles. This program includes an at home treatment regimen, including an easy to use instrument and product, that will help enhance your clinical results.

>> STEP 1
Begin by removing all eye makeup with Environ Eye Make-Up Remover™ applied to cotton balls. Pre-cleanse the entire face, neck and décolletage by combining a few drops of Environ’s Aquatrol and AVST Exfoliating Masque™. Massage with steam for five minutes for a deep pore cleansing.

>> STEP 2
Rinse mask by applying Environ’s Cleansing Cream (normal to dry skin) or Cleansing Gel (normal to oily skin) to face, neck, and décolletage, and remove with warm towels or cotton/sponges.

>> STEP 3
Tone the skin by applying Environ’s Alpha Toner Mild with cotton balls to face, neck, and décolletage.

>> STEP 4
To enhance clinical results and increase the production of collagen and elastin use the personal Environ Cosmetic ROLL-CIT™. This device will make micro-channels in the stratum corneum so that the treatment products can penetrate deeper, allowing for more efficacious result. Divide the treatment area on the skin into sub-divisions. Using mild pressure, roll each sub-division vertically, horizontally and obliquely. Approximately five to 10 minutes of treatment time is sufficient for this procedure.

>> STEP 5
Apply one or a combination of the following product(s) in a thin layer according to client’s skin type. AVST Treatment Gel™ which has low doses of vitamins A, C, E, and Beta Carotene (first time treatment or sensitive skin); Colostrum Gel™, a growth factor product (thin, fragile, or sensitive skin); Serum C-Quel™, a moderate dosage of vitamin A and C (photo-damaged and pigmented skin); and Intense Retinol™, high levels of vitamin A (for those acclimated to stronger doses of vitamin A).

>> STEP 6
Apply a thin layer of AVST Treatment Gel™ over the above treatment product of choice to the entire face. Mix two level scoops of Alginate Masque™ powder with three measures of tepid water in rubber bowel. Apply promptly. Applying Alginate Masque™ over product will further increase penetration. Mask may be left on for 10 to 15 minutes. Remove mask by peeling dried mask from outer edges of the face inward and massage in excess products.

>> STEP 7
To finish the treatment, apply C-Quence Eye Gel™, containing vitamins A, C, E, antioxidant and peptides, to protect the entire eye area. Mix together Environ’s Intensive Hydrating Oil Capsules™ which include vitamins A, C, E, soy protein, and cell metabolism booster, with sunscreen 15 to 20 SPF to further protect the treated area.

For more information please contact Environ Skin Care at 877-377-6227, www.dermaconcepts.com, or CRR# 245.
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Great Vino Treatments

Vino treatments or vinotherapy describes a process where the residues from making wine, such as grape seeds, grape seed extracts, husks, grape seed oil, and vine extracts are rubbed onto the skin. Grapes used for making wine contain natural antioxidants called polyphenols that exfoliate, detoxify, cool inflammation, and soften and repair damaged skin. As a result, vino treatments are a great source of regeneration, circulation and stimulation, and nourishment for the skin. We have included several different vino treatments from spas to provide you with an idea of treatment menus that can help you provide your clients with natural, healthy resolutions to their skin care challenges and/or concerns.

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Rock the Retail: Pumping up Scales Facilitates Home Care Success Stories


Most of us know the advantages of selling retail products well, so for the sake of argument let us look at the dark side of not selling our clients their home care products. In other words, what are the consequences of our failure to play the role of expert in recommending products for the day-to-day maintenance of our clients skin?
First, clients will end up buying department store products, drugstore, or infomercial brands. Not only will these products typically under-perform, they will generally not be suited to our client's skin type or needs, and thus, will fail to provide proper results. Our client will become frustrated.

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