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The Camera Doesn’t Blink: How to Master On-Camera Interviews – Part 2

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You have selected clothing that will look nice on-camera, reviewed your talking points, and plan to ignore the camera. Congratulations, you are on-camera prep work is complete. It is now time to head to the studio and shine. Speaking of which, plan to be at the interview location at least 30 minutes in advance. If you are stressed, sweating, or frazzled, it will show on-camera.


When appearing on-camera, you will either stand or sit. Most local television stations have sets that offer both options. You can ask the producer ahead of time what to expect, or, sometimes, you can tell them your preference. Tips for both situations:


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Debra Locker




Debra Locker is the president and owner of Debra Locker Group, which she founded in 2008. The award-winning, boutique agency specializes in the luxury lifestyle market. Clients are featured on “The TODAY Show,” in SHAPE, Marie Claire, The New York Times, Huffington Post… to name only a few. Locker is the co-author of “Women of Courage.” The book is a compilation of stories from women who have found wellness and happiness following struggle. Prior to launching DLG, Locker was the PR director for the International SPA Association. Before her PR career, she was a television reporter and producer.

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