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Giving Marketing & Public Relations A Spring Reset

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Ready for a spring reset? This season is the time to dig out from winter by planning and implementing promotions that drive business into the spa during the warmer months. To do so most effectively, focus on marketing and PR. Not only are they the best methods to produce timely boosts to a business, but marketing and PR will move the brand forward from the downturns caused by COVID-19.

Speaking of which, marketing expert Carol Stratford says, “Companies who come out swinging after COVID-19 is under control, prepared with a strong marketing plan with good creative, will come out ahead of the competition.”

Stratford offers three tips for resetting marketing tactics for the spring:

Revisit branding. Make sure that messaging and a unique selling proposition still resonate with the business. If it does not, it is time for a refresh. Invest in professional photography. Everything is visual these days and good photography encourages engagement online, which is where most customers are spending their time. Have a plan. Look at the spa’s budget and take the time to develop a six-month strategic marketing plan. That way, it can be ready to launch as soon as demand increases.

If a spa professional can only afford one thing this spring that resets their brand, invest in new photos. Images are essential for websites, marketing, PR, and social media. Therefore, consider spreading costs through different line items.

While revisiting the spa branding, as Stratford suggests, revisit the spa’s storytelling and pitching. Tweak messaging to reflect the new COVID-19 culture, as people need to know they are safe in the spa. Tell the story of how the spa has changed in response to social distancing and safety guidelines. Clients will respond and journalists may see it as a reason to cover the spa.

If COVID-19 restrictions are lifted, invite journalists and influencers for a tour and treatment. When it is possible to have that one-on-one interaction, it pays off. Plus, the spa will reap social media benefits through posts and tagging.

When working through the six-month strategic marketing plan, make it dual purpose by adding PR pitching angles. For example, August is a great time to plan back-to-school offers. While deciding on those offerings, consider things that could be news-worthy, such as an event for teachers where they receive half-off on treatments for bringing in a fellow educator. Additionally, plug holidays and observances into the calendar along with accompanying angles. Examples could include five products to take a client’s skin care from summer to fall and seven tips from a spa expert for a less stressful holiday season.

Whether a spa is ready for a refresh or looking for a comeback, spring is the perfect time to reset. Take these suggestions and consider the possibilities presented.


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