Time For You

Enjoying a Treatment

Take a moment this month with Nicole Majdali to enjoy a treatment. Remembering what it feels like to be an honored client may make all the difference for the overall spa experience. With the many…

Supplemental Learning

In the seventh video in her series dedicated to taking a moment of self-care each month, Majdali discusses the possibilities of taking an extracurricular class during the slower months of the trade. Whether it is…

Indulging in Self-Care

This month, Nicole Majdali dives into the beauty of a professional’s skin care routine. While aesthetics practitioners are no stranger to their daily regimens, Majdali stresses the value of indulging in skin care practices and…


Learn basic tips and ideas for adding nutrition into a healthy, self-conscious lifestyle presented by Nicole Majdali in her monthly video column entitled, "Time for You." Scroll down to watch the full video!

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