The Rise of Extremophiles

Written by Mia Hartmann
Extremophiles may be a relatively new term in the skin care industry, but they have been around much longer than many people are aware.
As one of the most common skin conditions, hyperpigmentation affects millions of people and has a variety of causes and symptoms. While many hyperpigmentation disorders are harmless, some can be cause for concern. It is important to understand the different symptoms and treatments available in order to make the most informed decisions regarding the client’s skin health. Many hyperpigmentation disorders can be avoided when proper…

Acne in Pregnancy

Written by Sara Fulton, B.S., president and co-founder of Vivant Skin Care and Carson L. Catasus
One out of two pregnant women will develop acne. If a woman had severe acne between the ages of 12 and 23, chances are she will develop acne in the first trimester of pregnancy.
Nature has always played a role in the aesthetic industry from essential oils to plant-based stem cells.

Pumpkin Pie Facial©

Written by Noreen Young, L.E., owner of Noreen Young Cosmetics
Clients tend to love organic products and are always looking for anything with a healthy twist. Refresh their skin with this pumpkin pie-inspired mask for gentle exfoliating and seasonal bliss!

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